Héctor Vargas trusts Real España’s comeback: “Whoever tells me it can’t be done, then they don’t understand anything about football”

Despite the 3-0 suffered in the first leg of Honduran soccer at the hands of Motagua, coach Héctor Vargas of the Royal Spain He pointed out that he is confident of being able to get the comeback.

The Argentine strategist was firm in the analysis of the match whose goals came at specific moments.

In addition, it explains the reasons why the historic feat, which no one else has ever achieved in Honduran soccer, is possible.


Feelings after the game

It was an atypical match with situations that cost us too dearly. A foul on Carlos Mejía not charged, we trusted that they were going to call it and we scored the first goal. The second goal fell to us while Ramiro was out and the third was once with the expulsion of Chávez. The result is favorable for Motagua, but we still have 90 minutes at home and we can do it. It was atypical for us, favorable for Motagua.

We played well, we only failed in specific situations and that cost us the result. If in 90 minutes they scored three goals, why can’t we do it in San Pedro Sula?

What excites you to be able to come back?

What we have nothing to lose. I’m excited that I’ve had the opportunity to come back from 3-0 in the semifinals before. Today Manchester City lost 0-2 and turned it around in five minutes to become champion. I am not disappointed with the result. When we played the best, the first goal fell to us, the goals were at specific moments, that shows that we have the possibility of reversing it.

Do you see the result traceable?

Totally. Whoever does not believe, should not go to the stadium. We have to play intelligently, we have all the possibilities.

What can you say to the player and fans after the defeat?

I don’t have to say anything, I have to show, that’s why we won the laps. Whoever tells me that you can’t, then he doesn’t understand anything about football. I remember when we lost to Trinidad and Tobago we believed that we were going to win at the Azteca, and all the press believed that we would win at the Azteca and it wasn’t like that.

What happened in the expulsion of Gerson Chávez?

I think it was a boost from a player who had never played in a final before. Although there are things that let you see some circumstance of the game that reveals you, it was not to do it that way.

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