Héctor Moreno pointed out how they “prevent” the Mexican from going to Europe

The Rayados de Monterrey soccer player, Héctor Moreno pointed out how some Mexican soccer leaders want to sell the Mexican to the Old Continent for amounts that do not correspond, blocking the exit of great prospects.

During Franco Escamilla’s “From Cerro de la Silla” program, the Pandilla’s defender spoke about how complicated it is to export, pointing out that part of the problem is training and high prices.

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“The issue of exporting players to Europe is difficult, because when there is the possibility, there are always obstacles with money issues, offers, I understand football is a business and I am nobody to criticize the leaders, but at certain times, with a player tries to win too much money with a player instead of thinking long term, ”he stated.

“Instead of selling, of making connections, of having a clause or a percentage of the next sale, in order to spread the name of Mexican soccer in Europe,” he added.

Moreno also spoke of the factors external to sports that cause the export of the Mexican to the Old Continent to be so complicated.

“It starts from the grassroots, from young people they are not taught, they are not helped and they are not allowed to grow like in those countries, that is why they have so many players with such a small population. Then it is genetics, food, a thousand things that must be improve in the country,” he concluded.

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