Heat 2: Al Pacino wants Timothe Chalamet to be his successor

Heat He is close to turning 28. Michael Mannwho signed the original tape and has been working on a prequel for years, has been filming a few movies and series such as Tokyo Vice and the next film about Ferrari with Adam Driver as the protagonist. Heat 2a book that is prequel and sequel of his great cinematographic work, has been a publishing success and will be officially released in bookstores next August. While the adaptation is forged, Al Pacino and Robert DeNirowho have been present at the presentation of Mann’s book, They have talked about the actors they would like to see in this film (goes dead line).

Al Pacino wants Timothe Chalamet to be his successor in the universe of Heat

The only one missing from this party for the presentation of the sequel and prequel novel to Heat was Michael Mann himself, who could not attend due to having coronavirus. “I am disappointed not to be with you tonight. Two days ago I tested positive for coronavirus. I feel great and will be out of isolation in a few days. I was looking forward to sitting down with good friends, family and movie fans to experience the view the 4K restoration in ultra high definition of Heat“, he commented. “I always wanted to do something that continued the story of Heat. There was always a rich background to these people’s lives before 1995, and where their lives would take them after.”argues the filmmaker of Collateral.

Heat Al Pacino

However, the novel develops the policeman’s past Vincent Hannahwho gave life to Al Pacino, just as he expands on explaining what the thief was hiding neil mccauley, De Niro’s character in the film. In a parallel way, both stories intersect until the events of Heat. get to the movies? It seems so, although there is still a long way to go. In the event that this is the case, Al Pacino is very clear who should be his successor. “Timothe Chalamet is a wonderful actor,” commented the interpreter.

“Timothe Chalamet is a wonderful actor”

According to producer Art Linson, who collaborated with Mann from the start on this long shot, the original script enamored the team so much that the pairing of De Niro and Pacino was almost perfect. “If you read the script, it sounds like Bob and it sounds like Al. It was designed to be recited by actors of this extraordinary caliber, they lifted it all up”Linson pointed out. Nevertheless, Heat is a modern classic of cinema, whose echoes can be found in hundreds of subsequent films. With a cast headed by the aforementioned actors and Natalie Portman, Val Kilmer, Danny Trejo, Tom Sizemore or Diane Venora, it became a complete success.

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