He was crack in El Tri and they said he would be Messi’s successor, now he sells oils

From being Lionel Messi's replacement to selling oils
From being Lionel Messi’s replacement to selling oils

One of the Mexican strikers who was able to change the history of Mexican soccer and arrive as Lionel Messi’s replacement at FC Barcelona, ​​now prefers to live in the comfort of the MLS and earn a comfortable salary, which he combines with the sale of olive oil. car.

Thanks to his fame as a former player of the Mexican national team, Carlos Vela, takes advantage of and has become the image of several products that are marketed in the United States, one of them, car oil, the same one that appears on his social networks.

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And it is that at the time, Carlos Vela could be the replacement for Lionel Messi in the striker of FC Barcelona when the Argentine decided to leave the Blaugrana team. Now Vela is dedicated to promoting this type of services.

What does Carlos Vela do?

The Mexican striker Carlos Vela is clear that thanks to his image, several companies look for him as the image of a brand, the same ones that pay good money to the Mexican player.

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