“He wants to make a circus of everything”: Gala Montes throws herself against Bárbara del Regil after the death of her dog

The actress Gala Montes commented that the dogs should be taken care of and that the death of Nala, the mascot of the influencer Bárbara de Regil, was not the fault of the people who fumigated the houses.

The influencer shared this Sunday that her dog died after accidentally swallowing poison, a situation that happened after a person fumigated his house and left bags of poison in the garden, despite asking him not to do it because there were dogs.

He left a lot of little bags loose all over the garden, bags of rat poison”, The influencer shared on social networks. So he requested that they go and collect the bags. “On Friday at 3:50 in the morning they operated on her for the severe pain in her stomach that she had and It was when they found everything burned inside the poison”.

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Among the comments that Barbara received was that of the actress Gala Montes, in which she said that they should take care of the pets, so the influencer insisted that the fault was the fumigator. Montes’s response was for him to buy another, a comment that he clarified in his stories was sarcasm and “I do not want a person who dies a dog at six months to continue buying dogs, the difference is that I die at 16 years”.

“I do not understand your comment. A puppy is not a piece of furniture that you change like that because“De Regil replied on social media.

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Among the criticisms that Montes made was that pets take care of themselves and it is not just uploading photos on Instagram. Before the negative comments he received for the comments he made in the case of the influencer, “they don’t realize, they want to make a fucking circus of everything. If you want to admire a person who dies a dog at six months and who abandons him a month because he is in Los Angeles […] you only want your likes ”, he refuted.

He also took the opportunity to exemplify what the actress did when they went to fumigate her house a few weeks ago, “they fumigated with a poisonous substance, there are different types of fumigations, two days the dogs and cats did not go out lesss. We did not spray and we left. Careless accidents happen, but we are talking about the life of a dog, at least these things don’t happen in this house ”.

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