He thinks about bass fishing and catches a great white shark (video)

A fisherman from Nova Scotia, Canada, in the Minas Basin, had the scare of his life when he caught a great white shark in the open sea when he thought he was catching a common bass.

Big fear. Rick Austin, a Nova Scotia Bay fisherman, had a funny surprise when he went to sea this Sunday, July 30th. Video captured on his front camera shows him catching a good catch, according to the Independent.

The problem was, he was sure he had caught a striped bass: “It’s pretty big. Yeah, it’s pretty big,” said Rick Austin enthusiastically. The fisherman quickly realized that he was not holding small fish.

Little by little, as he pulled very hard on his rod, which was completely bent under the weight of the catch, he realized that it was in fact… a shark. Indeed, in the video footage we see an impressive beast swimming next to the fisherman’s kayak. “Mistake! Seriously, this thing is huge,” he said when he saw the animal.

As the shark continued to fiddle with Rick Austin’s bait, Austin finally cut the line and freed the animal. “I have to give up,” the fisherman resigned.

In an interview with CTV News, Rick Austin confirmed that biologists from the New England Aquarium and the Department of Biology at the University of Guelph told him it was indeed a great white shark. It measures about 2 meters and weighs one hundred kilograms.

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