He spoke ill of Mexico and Dibu Martínez finally explained why he did it

What Dibu Martínez said about Mexico after belittling the Tri
What Dibu Martínez said about Mexico after belittling the Tri

Emiliano Martínez’s attitudes in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar left much to be desired and the Argentine goalkeeper earned the enmity of Mexican fans who did not like at all that the goalkeeper made comments against Aztec soccer.

Dibu Martínez, however, breaks his silence regarding his statements prior to the World Cup in Qatar, where he assured that Mexican soccer is extremely simple and that the group walked through it. The goalkeeper now changes his speech surprisingly.

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The Argentine goalkeeper in an interview for the Olé newspaper confessed he because he assured that Mexico was an easy rival. However, he later backed down and the goalkeeper now assures that he only got on his nerves during the World Cup draw, but that he respects Mexico.

What did Dibu Martínez say about the prices in Mexico?

“I lived it with anxiety, it is my first World Cup. It’s a screwed up group, nice, but we have a good start with Saudi Arabia (…) Mexico touched us first and, jumping, there comes a time when you no longer know if an opponent is good or bad. They are beautiful things and I couldn’t live it sitting down, I had to stand up. I got more nervous than in a game”, Dibu Martínez justified himself.

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