He sees the world just like you: the new HONOR 90 with 200MP camera is here!

Every day we encounter beautiful things: a fleeting smile, a breathtaking sunrise, a city view. All this can become memorable moments on the beautiful canvas of life. However, it is important to have a device that can fix them entirely. HONOR 90 on stage!

The latest HONOR device sees the world the way you see it: full of color, life and moments to capture. Its excellent 200-megapixel camera is capable of doing this, which takes amazingly clear photos, which is the crown jewel of the new smartphone. The device can display a billion colors, so it really captures the moment for you.

Every detail, every color, every emotion remains in its original form – in the blink of an eye. The advantage of the HONOR 90 is that there is no delay between pressing the button and taking the photo, so what you see in the camera is what you see in the photo. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer, just starting out in your creative career, or just love taking pictures of your life, the HONOR 90 is something you can’t go wrong with. It invites you on an adventure of discovery where you can hold a powerful tool in your hands.

The device is mid-range, but far from average, so it offers the features known from the premium segment at a bargain price. Thanks to the high-resolution sensor, even fine details can be seen in images that lower-end cameras cannot capture. In nature photography, you can also see the leaves of trees or the soft ripples of the water, because the HONOR 90 creates an almost flawless copy of the scene in front of you.

The camera also works great when you take close-up shots. Leaf veins, petal frills, dew drops on flowers, and the subtle color variations associated with them will all resonate with your creative designs. HONOR’s goal was to enable everyone to capture the world and its natural, mesmerizing beauty with this phone. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can turn ordinary events into unforgettable memories.

One of the biggest challenges in photography is taking really good shots in adverse lighting conditions. However, the HONOR 90 makes it a breeze because with its advanced technology and AI algorithms, that shouldn’t be a problem either. The camera sensor must collect as much light as possible to produce a sharp and clear image: the HONOR 90’s sensor is so sensitive that minimal light is enough for this. Imagine stunning views of the city at night, a candlelit dinner or a starry sky – crystal clear. It can also faithfully convey the contrast of dark sky and light, night glare reflecting off the windows of buildings, or the liveliness of busy, noisy streets. The lights will be crisp and bright, while the dark parts will retain their mystique.

Of course, the phone excels in other situations as well. Imagine concerts or parties where, due to twilight, ordinary phones are unable to convey the vibrations and vibrations of the crowd. HONOR 90 helps to capture the energy of the mood, the passion of the people and the exciting atmosphere.

And all this is amazingly enhanced by HDR, i.e. high dynamic range, which provides truly natural colors. This is an important requirement for today’s phones, but the HONOR 90 improves on it with artificial intelligence. The AI ​​analyzes the scene in front of it and adapts the HDR effect to the conditions. Whatever situation you shoot in, the end result will be amazing!

The phone has been built with the community in mind. On the one hand, its large battery can last several hours on a single charge, so you’ll have plenty of time to chat, take photos, or make calls. On the other hand, however, with the help of artificial intelligence, you can create short, 15-second, ready-to-publish videos with amazing ease so that your amazing creations can hit the web right away.

HONOR created its device by combining beauty, style and innovation to provide a truly unique opportunity to capture your reality and share your mood with others.

The 12+512GB version of the HONOR 90 will be available in stores for HUF 239,990, while the 8+256GB version will be available at a suggested retail price of HUF 219,990. The device is available from Media Markt, Euronics, eMag and three service providers – Telekom, Yettel and Vodafone – as part of the sale, the phone now comes with a HONOR Pad X8 tablet as a gift.

For more information about HONOR 90, please visit the official HONOR website: https://www.hihonor.com/hu/phones/honor-90/.

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