He ran the 200 meters, lost his shoe halfway, went back to look for it and still won (VIDEO)


Call her the comeback girl.

By: NY Post

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A girl has shocked onlookers after winning a 200m race, despite losing her shoe midway through and going back to get it.

Talaya Crawford, 7, accomplished the remarkable feat at a track meet held in Omaha, Nebraska, last Saturday.

The incredible moment was recorded by her famous father, boxer Terence “Bud” Crawford, who first posted the footage to his Instagram page on Sunday.

“I just can’t stop thinking about my daughters track meet yesterday,” Bud wrote alongside the video. “She just has no idea how much she motivated me. This is the definition of not giving up, heart and courage. She let it all hang out, even when adversity hit her.”

The clip was later reposted on Twitter, where it has been viewed a whopping 9 million times.

The video shows young Talaya losing her shoe seconds after the starting gun is fired, marking the start of the 200m race.

The young woman immediately notices that her shoes are missing and turns to retrieve the item, quickly putting it on.

While most of the kids may have given up, Talaya chooses to persevere and takes on the race, despite being far behind her competitors.

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