He lives in Miami and showed what his neighbors throw away: armchairs, bicycles, a grill and even a new washing machine

More and more tiktokers show that the garbage in the United States is not the same as that of other countriessince citizens tend to discard articles that are still in good condition and that are commonly recycled by other people who decide to give them a second life.

On this occasion, An Argentine was the one who exposed how garbage collection is lived in a Miami neighborhood. He did it through a video, which he shared on TikTok and which soon became viral.

In his account @travel_luke he has dedicated himself to sharing with his followers How is your life in the North American country?, but what caught the most attention recently was his latest video. In it he toured a neighborhood on the outskirts of Miami, Florida and explained that twice a month the inhabitants do deep cleaning of their houses and throw away everything they no longer use.

“We went to a neighborhood and they were doing garage cleaning and look what we found”, said the young man before starting to show the items.

Trash in the United States usually has new furniture, according to a tiktoker

Among the first items he found were several children’s bicycles and tricycles, which at first sight looked practically as new, or at least without any conspicuous flaws. In the comments of his viral video, he said that he ended up taking several objects, such as the red bicycle that can be seen in the images and also the skateboard for her younger sister.

The armchairs are never missing in the garbage in the United States
The armchairs are never missing in the garbage in the United States@travel_luke/TikTok

“Incredible, we couldn’t believe it”exclaimed the user of the social network before what his eyes saw and before finding more furniture that could be in some homes and not on the street. It was not expected outside a home you would find a washing machine of the Samsung brand It was practically brand new, even still in the factory wrap.

The most precious thing the tiktoker found: a new washing machine
The most precious thing the tiktoker found: a new washing machine@travel_luke/TikTok

Despite being stunned to find such an expensive item that could be very functional, he decided to walk in search of more treasures. So it was, caught a glimpse of some other furniture like recliners and a gas grill. “She was used, but it was worth it,” said the tiktoker.

The tour continued then they showed other valuable objects, such as bikes, mini gyms and pairs of sneakers in mint condition. An unexpected curiosity: one of these neighbors’ boxes contained several unopened bottles of Coca-Cola. The reactions from his followers were immediate.

A barbecue was among the main items in the garbage
A barbecue was among the main items in the garbage@travel_luke/TikTok

Obviously there was many comments from users in Argentina. “I can’t wait to go to the United States to be a cartonera”“I would be a terrible surgeon”, “With that you build an apartment”, “The kid’s dream is to go to the US for surgery”, “My surgeon’s heart is excited”, “I get angry not to be around” , were some of the most prominent.

On the other hand, there were also others who considered that in their neighborhoods – presumably from the United States – they did not throw garbage of such good quality as that seen in the TikTok video: “In my neighborhood the nicest thing they throw away are used diapers,” said one user.

Among the garbage were two new Coca-Cola containers
Among the garbage were two new Coca-Cola containers@travel_luke/TikTok

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