He kidnapped Iveta to Italy and got into a fight with the magistrate. Makura will be played by Richard Kraicho.

Zdeněk Makura also appears in the third series of Iveta from the Voyo Original workshop. Self-proclaimed defender of women and admirer of Iveta Bartoshova, who under strange circumstances took her to Italy in July 2013, will be played by actor and singer Richard Krajcho.

After the phenomenal success of the first two episodes of the series about the life of the tragically deceased Iveta Bartoshova, another continuation is on the way. This will reflect the period when self-proclaimed women’s advocate Zdeněk Makura surrounded the singer.

He will be played by Richard Kraicho. “I was contacted directly by the father of the project, Mike Sameer. I confess, I thought when he called me and said that he had a role for me in Iveta, that it would be a different role. When he finally told me it was Zdeněk Makura, I knew that would work too. I’m glad to be a part of it because it’s a good interpretation of a big story,he admitted.

He is not yet considering a personal meeting with Makura. “I have enough teaching materials. I confess that I refused to put on weight for the role, so my character will have to gain weight in the dressing room, as well as change the beard and hairstyle. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I thought that Mike Sameer made a good choice, that he would probably work,” Kraicho continued with a laugh.

Shocking kidnapping

Makura’s interest in Bartoshova faded in July 2013. At the time, most newspaper headlines were full of news that he had kidnapped her to Italy. Her then-partner Josef Richtarz, whom she married a few months later, found her there, at the home of businessman and musician Domenico Martucci.

In the past, Iveta had a brief affair with him. After returning to the Czech Republic, she testified in a criminal court that Makura and Martucci wanted to kill her and sell her organs.

Martucci and Macura wanted to use me for meat or organs. I was supposed to be taken on a ferry to the Elbe. It was planned by Martucci and his mother, and most of all they wanted me to never be found again. I have no idea what exactly Makura was giving me, but it was some kind of gas used by the cultists. He used it to drug me into a car. This gas robbed me of my memory,” Bartoshova told Blesk at the time.

But even after that, Makura did not lag behind Iveta, did not disappear at any of her concerts. The referee kept him under surveillance, and his attempts to drive him away almost always ended in a fight. Makura usually left as a loser.

Former admirer of Iveta Bartoszova Zdenek Makura | Source: Martin Mitofer.

Kraicho did not know Iveta. They flashed each other at the presentation of the Czech Nightingale, but that’s all. They didn’t even meet at parties.

“I can’t say that at that time I followed the events around Iveta Bartoshova, but I also can’t say that I missed it. Everyone lived this story, and not only the tabloids wrote about it. There were so many strange things going on around her. Over time, I felt more and more sorry for her. Not as a singer, but as a person. When this tragic event happened, it really struck me, although I was not a fan of her,“, concluded Krycho.

And generally similar? Here’s how the creators cast the Iveta mini-series:


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