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In 2008 the cinemas of the world were exploding with teenagers fanaticized by the boom movie of the moment: Twilight, that given its success would become a saga. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner they were the love triangle that aroused sighs throughout the planet.

But, beyond the event, its protagonists suffered in real life the cost of success, experiencing controversial situations from the fame that almost took them out of the circuit. Such was the case for Taylor Lautner, who was born on February 11, 1992, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He spent his childhood like any other boy and 7 began to practice karate, becoming one of the most outstanding students: for years he participated in tournaments of that discipline.

At 11, Taylor was already number oneor in the world of NASKA’s Black Belt Open Forms and a year later he took the World Junior Martial Arts Championship. By this time he had already moved to Los Angeles to -without neglecting karate- develop his other passion: acting.

That was how acted in different programsWhat shadowfury Y The Bernie Mac Show. In 2005 he was called to The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl Y Cheaper per dozen 2. During the following years she worked as a model, until in 2008 he was selected to interpret to Jacob Blackin “Twilight”.

Back then I had 17 years Y Hollywood had fallen at his feet. She did not stop working dealing with fame was getting harder and harder. It was almost iunable to do everyday tasks and couldn’t even think about go outside, as there were guards all the time at his house. Some time later she would tell in an interview with Today: “When I was 16, 17 and 18 years old, I would wake up and try to just go for a walk or date, and I had 12 cars waiting outside my house to follow me everywhere, or they would show up at the airport, or wherever… And all those fans screaming. Not many things in life can happen overnight. The fame, yes. And it can also suddenly disappear, that is also clear to me”.

Lautner recounted that the solution to such harassment was to stay locked up and only go out to work. “I spent many years without going outside. The times I went out I prepared myself for that; she put a hat on me, sunglasses, tried to camouflage me. Even so he left very scared, thought that they could discover me. all that was generating some anxiety, an ugly feelingso I didn’t go out if it wasn’t necessary,” added the actor.

His confinement was no small thing: he was more than ten years without going to a supermarketor, for example. Also stopped going to the movies, which was one of his favorite outings. She lived at a crossroads: on the one hand she had reached the greatest success but it felt imprisoned and frustratedas reported.

In 2012, a report in the magazine Forbes positioned him as one of the best paid actors in Hollywood with only 20 years, with an estimated income of 26.5 million dollars.

From then on, the actor tried to get used to it but felt the need to step aside and get away from it all took advantage of the social networks to keep in touch with your fans and, just in 2020, decided it was time to return: it was for the documentary”miss american“next to his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Of his love life it is also known that He dated actresses Lily Collins, Selena Gomez and Billie Lourd. is currently committed and lives with Taylor Domewhose work is removed from the luminaries of show business: is a nurse.

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There are currently several of his films on Netflixnot only the Twilight saga (which is still available on the platform) but also because of “home-team“, a film that premiered this year. Also “The Ridiculous Six”beside Adam Sandler (with whom I had already worked in “They are like children 2”). Taylor goes through a more mature stage and with less euphoria around him, perhaps with more awareness of where is moving and what is its objective.

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