He “gutted” him and then cut the body with a hacksaw: a man was arrested 7 years after the murder of a housemate

6 years ago, a man mysteriously disappeared, his roommate was then suspected of murder. On Thursday, August 24, the fiftieth would call the police to confess to his crime, and his motives are quite surprising.

A Massachusetts man has been charged with the murder of his roommate. Human remains have just been discovered in his basement, according to local police.

The facts date back six years earlier. John Hallett, A 54-year-old man from Massachusetts (USA) was arrested 5 days ago, according to a police statement.

According to the American media “Law and Crime”, he is accused of killing his roommate Paul Gonzalez in November 2017.

According to a police press releaseIn August 2022, an investigation was launched, during which it turned out that a fifty-year-old man killed him by hitting him with a blunt object and then strangling him.

To hide your crime then he would get it “torn”carved his body with a hacksaw, and “discarded the remains in various public trash cans.”

Mail Theft Went Wrong

According to court documents, the defendant called the police on August 24. confess to killing his roommate and storing his body in his basement for 56 days.

“John thought Paul was stealing his mail and trying to kick him out of the house”– explained the investigator, who collected confessions from the suspect.

To verify his testimony, the investigators went to the scene and called a dog from the cinephile brigade, which specializes in finding corpses. The animal smelled human remains in the basement of the house where the accused lives.

Eventually John Hallett was arrested and taken into custody. Man charged with murder and desecration. He is currently being held in jail without bail pending trial.

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