“He does things that don’t appear on Instagram”

In statements to ‘Voetbal International’, Sneijder pointed strongly against the Mexican midfielder

England football figures River Ferdinand Y peter crouchcame out in defense of the Mexican Edson Alvarez after criticism of Wesley Sneijderwho referred to the Aztec as a player who “is useless”.

Ferdinandlegend of the England National Team and the Man Utdhighlighted that El ‘Machín’ is not the type of player who shines on social networks due to his offensive capacity, however, he pointed out that the former player of the America He is the footballer who gives balance to a team and makes his teammates shine.

I saw some comments from Wesley Sneijder saying that Ajax should have gotten rid of it when Chelsea made an offer because he passes the ball backwards.

“But he does some of the things that you don’t normally see, definitely not on Instagram. He does things when he breaks up the play and allows the most creative players to go and act. These types of players are very valuable and you appreciate them a lot because they give you the possibility of playing soccer Ajax he loves to play,” he said. Ferdinandex-partner of ‘Chicharito Hernandez at Old Trafford, in ‘BT Sports’.

For its part, peter crouch referred to Edson Alvarez as a “key player” for the Ajax and considered that the Dutch team could be analyzing the possibility of building the team around El ‘Machín’.

“They have a lot of players with offensive vision, but he likes to be in midfield. A lot of players have left and Ajax he has sold several major players recently. Look at Antony, Lisandro Martinez, they have made a lot of money, do they have to sell another one? I don’t think they do and they could hold it back and potentially build around it,” she said.

Speaking to ‘Voetbal International‘, Sneijder pointed out that Ajax should have sold ‘Machín’ when Chelsea presented a million dollar offer for his services last summer.

Edson Alvarez play all the balls backwards or to the sides, it is useless. They should have gotten him to London quickly. They could have signed two good players for that kind of money,” he said.

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