He asked young Americans general knowledge questions and their answers outraged many

As absurd as it sounds, it seems that high school kids in South Dakota know absolutely nothing about world geography. The previous premise was demonstrated when a young German woman who is on an exchange in the North American country put her schoolmates to the test and her responses were truly surprising.

Josi is a girl who uses her social networks to share her experience as a student outside her own country, specifically in the United States. She through TikTok -and also Instagram- she shared some videos where she was seen interviewing her teammates while they enjoyed a football game.

None of the young people correctly answered the general geography questions that the young German asked
None of the young people correctly answered the general geography questions that the young German askedVideo Capture/TikTok

“Asking Americans General Questions”began the clip of Josi, who asked him why the capital of Germany to a young woman who was present at the match. “France”she replied. Immediately, she took the opportunity to ask what continent Russia was on. “Damn!” She expressed, and after a few minutes evaluating what to say, she unusually replied: “Russia”.

As if the answers that that young woman gave were not enough, Josi asked her one last question about the capital of Italy and managed to say “France”. Likewise, she repeated the question to another girl in the game and the results were not more encouraging, since instead of talking about countries, she opted for continents, and she said “Asia”.

The most unusual responses to American youth culture

Josi repeated the same exercise with other people, and when she decided to ask “what language was spoken in Europe”another person looked at her puzzled, looked among the friends around her to see if any of them gave her a clue, but, on the contrary, they all walked away and she managed to say “French”.

However, another young man, whom the exchange teenager consulted, did not take the question seriously and, noticing that he would not be able to answer about the variety of languages ​​spoken on the European continent, smiled mischievously and said: “English obviously”.

Another young man joined his partner’s approach and when he answered which was the capital of France, he stammered several words, but none could be understood.

The most unusual answers of American youth culture

Also, Josi published the second part of his hilarious field investigation and the answers did not vary. “What language do they speak in Italy?”he asked another young man, who was very sure that french was the official language.

The same question was repeated several times and it seemed that the youngsters from that secondary school understood that French is the official language of Italy; in Germany we speak “France” or “Asia”, and surprisingly, also English.

On the other hand, the reactions of the users were immediate, and while some found it funny that none of the young teenagers came up with the correct answers, others were outraged.

“It is that for them there is only the United States. There they don’t give world geography “wrote one user, visibly outraged. Another went a little further and questioned whether the United States really gave world geography. “If they don’t know that, then how smart I must be,” someone else mocked.


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