HBO Max: Rafa Márquez and Alex Lora invite you to dinner at their homes

Today, October 27, on HBO Max, the gastronomic reality show “Divina Comida México” premieres, a version of the culinary show “Come Dine With Me.” The format is made up of four tables made up of important personalities from the national entertainment industry, including: Alex Lora, Rafa Marquez, Michelle Rodriguez, Jose Angel Bichir and Carlos kittenWith whom THE REPORTER spoke exclusively.

They, plus other celebrities like Belinda, Emmanuel and Itatí songbookamong others, will compete to win the title of “Best Host”, because for four weeks, in groups of four celebrities, they will open the doors of their homes to the public to demonstrate their qualities as a host.

The premise of the show will be that each of the celebrities will demonstrate their hosting skills. The 16 contestants will be divided into groups of four. Each night, one of the hosts will host a three-course dinner in their own home. The stars will enjoy the evening and the food, and at the end they will rate the experience and vote secretly through a points system. After each week, only one of them will be crowned the winner.

at the table of Alex Lora María León, Dulce María and Erik Rubin. “In our case, in addition to the topic of food, there is music,” says the rocker, since the four stars are important singers. “We were chattering about musical waves and food, entertaining each other every time we visited each other’s house. So, we had fun and enjoyed it a lot, so I think the race is going to do it too”.

Precisely, Lora recognizes that it is not only an adventure to be the host, but also to go to the house of these celebrities who have now become great friends. “I did not know Erik before doing the program, but going to his house and chatting in his studio, and being with María and Dulce too, inside and outside the filming, was a great experience, we spent time very fast”.

In the case of Jose Angel Bichiron your table are BelindaVeronica toussaint Y Manu na, these last two are important comedians who add salt and pepper to their meetings. “What’s so fun about this show is that both we and the viewers are going to be able to witness worlds colliding and colliding. I had a lot of fun, it was very endearing to live together, have fun and forget that we were in a program, it was fascinating.

a soccer star

In the “Divina Comida México”, the public will also be able to see its stars from another angle, as an example, it is former soccer player Rafa Marquezwho goes from sports to the “fields” of gastronomy. At your table you have to share with Itatí songbook, Faisy Y Emmanuel. “This ‘Divine Food’ thing surprised me, first to be able to accept it, since at that time I had a little more free time, also because when they told me about the project and told me who was going to participate, that encouraged me a little more. to enter And it’s an opportunity for people to get to know me a little better, because perhaps most have seen me as the footballer I was”, but now the audience will be able to see him more as the person he is, since he also moves away from formality and You can see him very funny in the episodes.

Rafa really liked being able to get to know his colleagues better, for example Emmanuel, a legend of national music. Regarding the cooking experience, he highlights that he is very competitive in everything he proposes, “I tried to do everything I could, I do cook very little, but what I was able to prepare and do was something that my father inherited from me.”

The comedian and presenter, Michel Rodríguez, shares that she gained great friendships after participating in this program. COURTESY

“A lot of love was generated”

Finally, at the table Michelle Rodriguez and Carlos kittenalso participate Carol Seville and Margarita, the goddess of cumbia. For the comedian and presenter, participating in this experience has been a lot of fun. “I love it, it was a very cool experience because at our table we felt comfortable from minute one, a lot of love was generated and a lot of friendship that continues, because we still have a chat, but discovering that the people you admire, now you also admire for what he is and not just for his talent, he’s really cool”.

For his part, Carlos highlights that he was very alert to be a good host. “I tested my menu because I’m not a very good cook,” his family was the one that gave the dishes the go-ahead before offering them to his companions, “with the nerve of knowing if they were going to like it or not, but It was a lot of fun to get out of my comfort zone, I don’t really like receiving people in my house, I prefer to go to theirs as a freeloader”. What is certain is that the public is going to have fun and even cry with the life stories that are going to be told during the episodes.



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