HBO Max: HBO Max and Discovery+ will merge into a single streaming service

ANDThis week has been a bit turbulent for the people of HBO and its subscribers. Before the presentation of the results of the Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslavwhich seem to have revealed discouraging numbers compared to other streaming services, we are now seeing the slow and painful demise of HBO Max. But what will happen to this content? Y, Was it really something we didn’t see coming?

The transformation of HBO Max was already announced

At the beginning of April of this year the announcement was made that there would be a new streaming service called Warner Bros. Discovery (we even let you here the note in which this was reported). And from that moment it was already clear that for this platform to have content, what it would do would be to absorb everything offered by HBO Max. So “surprise” was not.

But then why did it all turn out so convulsive and chaotic? Well, if you start your transformation by removing 7 exclusive movies from the service and then flag canceling a superhero movie (no matter how unpopular they were, just because they’re the current rage), you can’t expect your company not to feel like chaos. Because there was. what will happen with that 70% of the workforce that was fired from HBO?

What will happen to my HBO Max subscription?

In a statement that can’t help but sound like “damage control”Warner Bros. has clarified that all users who maintain their HBO Max subscription will have an account on Discovery+, with the same user, the same password and the same plan, and that the user experience will be hardly affected. The migration plan, they say, will be safe. However, HBO Mexico has not yet issued a statement in this regard.

What HBO Max content is safe?

fans of DC ComicsFear not, because the most popular franchises will remain on the platform: Robert Pattinson’s Batman, Henry Cavill’s Superman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. However, both the sequel to Aquaman like the movie Flash they do not appear in the chart of “saved” material, although they are not officially canceled (but they are afraid).

Besides this, everything game of Thrones and its spinoff, House of the Dragon will also remain. It also confirms the permanence of friends, Harry Potter, The Big Bang Theory,Sex and the Citythe caricatures of cartoon Network and of the looney tunes. So most of the content that users feared would be removed will remain.

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