Having a car with a V8 engine in the living room at home is possible. It’s as simple as building one out of wood

Allow me to start this article by telling a small personal anecdote.

I fondly remember my first (and last) project in the subject of technology during high school. In a group made up of three classmates, we had to build an elevator that went up and down. My first task was to cut the pieces of wood. It was simple, six pieces with four cuts each to form four walls, a floor and a ceiling.

When I appeared with those first six pieces, Rodrigo and Luis (I’m not going to hide their names) exchanged glances and came to the same conclusion: I would never go near a saw again. My task, from then on, would be to sand the pieces (those who know me personally know why) and stand aside to disturb as little as possible.

Seeing the results of the work, the outstanding that appeared in my grade book and, above all, seeing that I kept all my fingers on my hand, I knew that they had made the best decision. Yes, it was a selfish act, but I value it as a wise and fair decision.


I say this because when I saw the first images of what Simas Snežko had achieved, I couldn’t help but admire the absolute perfection achieved in his attempt to give life to a small car with a functional V8 engine… made of wood. We can find this gem on Reddit, but also on a YouTube channel that collects all his work and shows the final image of the project.

This jewel created by Snežko shows enviable precision in all its details, such as the perforation of the pedals or the instrument panel, for example. But what is truly admirable is that we are talking about a wooden car, with a V8 engine, open differential and fully functional hydraulic clutch.

In the video above, we can even see him engaging gears and check how the car responds with each “step” on the accelerator. It is not only that the address is functional, it is that to put it in motion it is necessary to act as in any other vehicle.

In some of his videos, Simas Snežko tells how the vehicle works piece by piece. A wooden car in which he claims to have invested more than six months and 300 hours.

Someone has had the absurd and brilliant idea of ​​putting a tank engine in a Ford.  And works

His YouTube channel is also a place to get lost and spend hours and hours with their videos put on a loop during this Christmas. For example, in it we find some jewels such as a video in which it claims to show the world’s smallest wooden motor or a wooden padlock, it also fully works.

Image: Stable Diffusion

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