“Have you confirmed the fact of sexual harassment and violence?”… Lee Da Yeon published another sniper article by Kim Yong Kyung.

Reporter Jeon Jung Joo of Money Today | 2023.08.29 09:35

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Lee Da Yeon, a professional volleyball player who continues to taunt older Kim Yong Kyung, once again posted an informative article on SNS (social network).

On the 28th, Lee Da Yeon shared on his Instagram on the 28th the KOVO (Korea Volleyball Federation) Rules for the Protection of Players’ Human Rights, Article 8 (Reporting Human Rights Violations).

He wrote: “Did KOVO confirm the facts about sexual harassment and workplace violence to the player? And if the reporter is interested in knowing the truth, ask the player directly.”
According to article 8 of the Athletes’ Rights Rules, △violent acts such as beatings or profanity △sexual harassment or sexual embarrassment △other acts that unfairly harm an individual player’s personality are considered infringing If this is the case, anyone can report the content to the Complaint Resolution Center athletes.

Unless the contents of the report are known to be false, the federation shall immediately inform the Chairman of the Rewards and Punishment Committee and the Chairman of the Rewards and Punishment Committee shall convene the Rewards and Punishment Committee to conduct an actual investigation.

Lee Da Yeon also shared the article on her Instagram story, “Telling the truth is fighting, hiding lies is investing.” Some have speculated that Kim Young Kyung criticized her recent donation of drinks to her alma mater.

/Photo = Instagram Lee Da Yeon

On the 18th, Lee Da Yeon continued to film one-sidedly, such as revealing the messages he exchanged with Kim Young Kyung via social media on the 18th. Looking at the message, Lee Da Yeon said, “It’s really hard for me. Every time I trained day in and day out, I was scared and scared. Everyone knows that my sister doesn’t like and doesn’t like during matches and training, but it was so hard.”

In response, Kim Young Kyung briefly replied, “Just because I did it, even if it’s difficult and scary, endure it. I hate you too and tolerate you, even if it’s inconvenient.”

The next day, on the 19th, Lee Da Yeon also stated that she was bullied by Kim Young Kyung.

He said, “Despite the pain I experienced due to my personal relationship with Kim Yong Kyung, I tried to get along well. Bullying is elementary, and even in the national team, I treated myself like a woman in a bar in front of the children and said: “You look cheap, go outside” and “Go to Gangnam and treat yourself” in front of the kids. How much I cursed and made things difficult,” he said.

He then complained, “It was difficult because I broke up with (Kim Young Kyung)” and “They treated me like an invisible person. I didn’t treat myself as a person at all.”

On this occasion, Kim Young Kyung’s agency Lionat stated, “We will take strong action against press releases that are maliciously written and distributed about Kim Young Kyung.”

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