Havana says it is doing ‘everything possible’ for the release of the Cuban doctor kidnapped in Haiti and denies that she was on a ‘mission’

The Embassy of Cuba in Haiti confirmed this Wednesday on his Twitter account the kidnapping of Dr. Daymara Helen Pérez Alabedrabut said that he traveled to the Caribbean country for “personal reasons” and not as part of a medical mission of the regime.

The Cuban diplomatic mission in Haiti He also stated that “he has kept in touch” with the doctor’s family, “with the aim of providing the necessary support and contributing, as much as possible, to her release.”

In another tweet Cuban diplomats said that a similar negotiation was held last December due to kidnapping in Haiti of two other citizens of the Island, who, like Pérez Alabedra were “fulfilling personal employment contracts” in the country.

Michele B. Duvalier, former Haitian first lady, He stated on his Twitter account because of this event the Cuban government decided to withdraw 78 doctors from the mission in Haitinews that was also reported by local media such as Free Haiti.

However, the director general of the Haitian Ministry of Health, Dr. Lauré Adrien, denied the withdrawal of the 78 Cuban doctors due to the kidnapping of the professional and said that in recent days 28 doctors flew to Havana, 18 of them because they finished their mission and another ten on vacation, according to a report from The New Herald.

“There have been no departures of 78 Cuban professionals,” said Adrien, who added that there are currently about 300 members of the Cuban medical brigade working in Haitiwhere they provide essential health services mainly in rural communities.

The Haitian official added that his ministry condemns the kidnapping of the Cuban doctor and wants his release as soon as possible, because “regardless of the victim, such an act is reprehensible.”

A Cuban doctor based in Haiti told the miami herald that the doctor was kidnapped on January 11 when he was on his way to Port-au-Prince on a public bus that was stopped by gang members in the Martissant area

According to the source, the gang demanded a ransom of one million dollars for Pérez Alabedrawhich later dropped to 100,000 dollars, of which they received 10,000, but even so they did not release the Cuban.

The professional did not mention who was in charge of negotiating with the gang or paying the ransom.

According to his Facebook page, Pérez is originally from Las Tunas, a province in eastern Cuba, and lived in Grand Goâve, a rural community south of the capital in the commune of Léogâne. For the past three years he has been a specialist in general medicine at Notre Dame Hospital in neighboring Petit-Goâve.

The local press reported that those responsible for the kidnapping are criminal groups that control Port-au-Princewhere crime has increased after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse last July.

In mid-October 17 missionaries from the United States and Canada were kidnapped by the 400 Mawozo gang and held for two months until the required ransom payment was made.

The kidnapping of the Cuban Pérez Alabedra occurs when they remain in such a situation Cuban surgeon Landy Rodríguez Hernández and general medicine specialist Assel Herrera Correa, both of them kidnapped by the Al Shabab militia in Kenyan territory since April 12, 2019, where they were fulfilling one of the regime’s missions.

In September 2021, Miguel Díaz-Canel recalled the birthdays of both doctors on his Twitter profile and reiterated his commitment that they would return to Cuba.

Since then, no Cuban authority has made reference to them again. About, the headline “negotiations continue for the return” of the doctors has been reiterated over and over again in the past three years in the official mediawho are satisfied with reproducing the statements of the leaders of the regime.

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