Haret Ortega accuses Sebastián Córdova of ‘chapulín’: ‘When I spoke to her, he also spoke to her’

CDMX.- Through a live, the soccer player from Toluca, Haret Ortega noted that Sebastian Cordova walked from “grasshopper”, Since the player of America He spoke to a young woman, when the Devils player was also speaking to him.

Asked about which player he disliked, Haret Ortega mentioned that there is one, who does not dislike him, but he was “like a grasshopper.”

He was ‘chapulín’ with a girl that I got to talk to. I will not say names, but you will know who it is. I got along with the girl, I haven’t talked for a long time and that, but when I talked to her, he talked to her and so on; I followed her and stopped following her ”, declared Haret Ortega.

Haret Ortega debuted at Club América

Later, Ortega stopped talking to the player and realized that the young woman was following the other soccer player.

I’m not going to say who it is, but it’s the 10th of the Ame, ”said Haret Ortega.

Before arriving in Toluca, Haret Ortega was active in America club, debuting at the Clausura 2019 in Copa Mx. In Liga Mx, he played until the Clausura 2020.

In the past months, Sebastián Córdova has received various criticisms and has been called a ‘cold chest’.

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