Hanoi Sánchez says his passage to the PRM would allow him to opt for the Senate of San Juan

Santo Domingo, RD.

The mayor of San Juan de la Maguana, Hanoi Sánchez, explained that her departure from the Fuerza del Pueblo (FP) party was due to the mistreatment she received from the political team of this organization.

“The problem is more with Senator Félix Bautista and part of the San Juan leadership than with former President Leonel Fernández,” said the mayor on the Matinal program, which is broadcast every day on Telemicro channel 5.

He also said that his team called a meeting but “that those involved did not want to see each other face to face” and the meeting did not take place.

Despite being elected as mayor, she assured that she did not have “their support,” in reference to Senator Félix Bautista’s work team, and assured that there was “a betrayal that was very visible on the part of that team.” The mayor did not specify what and how the alleged betrayal was.

“You realize that the meetings are boycotted, that things are getting very difficult and that it is not worth it,” he added.

The architect also said that the president of her party in San Juan is an employee of the senator, so in her opinion it was very difficult to manage politically “because it was going against the current.” He also pointed out that he did not see it badly, but that the real situation is that these people did not work on his candidacy.

In the same way, Hanoi Sánchez said that she ran out of space in the FP and that she felt she must take other leaps in her political life, either as a deputy or a senator.

Agreements with the PRM

Although she did not specify details, the mayor said that her entry into the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) did not come about through negotiation, but through respectful treatment.

He also indicated that within this party he has the possibility of running for the Senate of San Juan, but that this will depend on the numbers at the time.

In this way, he pointed out that the closeness of President Luis Abinader with the municipalities regardless of the party draws his attention.

“I have not been to all the games”

Hanoi Sánchez commented that he has not gone through all the political parties and that for 32 years he was active in the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

“I have not gone through all the parties, I went to the People’s Force with the same leader, the FP is a detachment of the PLD with the same leader,” he clarified.

Swearing in at the PRM

On November 21, the current mayor of San Juan de la Maguana, Hanoi Sánchez, was sworn in to the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).

The mayor was seen by the San Juan residents as a faithful follower of former President Leonel Fernández, however, with her passage to the PRM she set a precedent in her political life.

For his part, on his Twitter account, the president of the PRM and administrative minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza (@JosePaliza), announced the entry of Hanoi Sánchez and other leaders of other parties.

“The PRM today receives the historic mayor of the municipality of San Juan de la Maguana, Hanoi Sánchez. Along with her, directors of district boards and dozens of leaders of the PLD and FP enter. With you we are better! ”, Read the tweet.

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