Halo TV series was a success and in Mexico it was a bombshell

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the series of Halo debuted in March 2022 exclusively on Paramount+. Although some fans were not particularly satisfied with the creative freedom with which the story was represented, the truth is that the production has been a complete success and Latin America was an important part of it.

The first season of the live-action show from Halo It is already available and again Paramount spoke around her to offer details about her success. According to a report from Varietythe series of Halo It has already become the second most popular original series on Paramount +, only surpassed by the prequel to Yellowstone, 1883.

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the series of Halo promoted Paramount+ in Latin America

The above is great for the project, as we remind you that Microsoft allocated about $10 million dollars to the production of each episode. This is also good news for Paramount, as this series saw an increase in logins on the platform in several regions.

Precisely in Latin America, the performance of the series exceeded expectations, including a “record pace of logins in markets that include Mexico.” Another detail that stands out about this series is that it managed to captivate users, since a large number of those who began to watch it finished it. In territories where Paramount+ is not available, the series was offered on various channels, such as in Japan, France, New Zealand and some regions of Africa.

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the series of Halo could define the content that Paramount will offer on its platform

“[La serie de Halo] it has a political perspective that people identify and connect with. For science fiction, it has a political sophistication that resonates in these times,” said David Nevins, chief content officer for Paramount+. “This show is ultimately a story about war and the human costs of endless war. That’s a very powerful theme in a lot of places in the world.”

The director praised the creative freedom and the trust that Microsoft and 343 Industries gave to those in charge of the adaptation to carry it out: “The TV show is not going to give you the experience of the video game. But it expands the narrative in ways that premium television it’s very good. It allows you to lose yourself in the world and its relationships.”

“There is a group [de espectadores] very hungry for science fiction that plays a very good role internationally. The success of Halojust like the hit 1883, will inevitably shape how we think about the future of Paramount+ programming,” Nevins said.

“It’s amazing to have both of you on course to support each other. We always want to recognize when [los espectadores] they see the program that is Halo“, said Kiki Wolfkill, in charge of the franchise at 343 Industries. “And we will continue to add content to the game that reflects the things we see in the show.”

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