Halo Infinite will receive ray-tracing on PC in March 2023

halo-infinite It will be on sale for a year next month, but since it is a game as a service, the 343 Industries project continues to grow with new features that are arriving along with the multiplayer seasons. Although features such as split-screen co-op have been cancelled, new ones are also announced and will be implemented soon: this is the case of the recently revealed ray tracing for PC, which has been presented at an AMD event with the idea of ​​​​introducing it into the game in March 2023.

halo-infinite will have shadows with ray tracing in both Arena and Big Team Battle modes“, explained Scott Herkelman, vice president and general manager of the business division of AMD, during the presentation event of the RX 7900 graphics. In addition to shadows, the new technology that will arrive in Halo Infinite next year will also imply improvements in other aspects: “Players can expect Improved lighting, sharper shadows, and improved performance“, explains the person in charge of the GPU company.

Arrive with the third season of multiplayer

This technology will reach the last installment of the saga as part of Echoes Withina third season that is delayed from November to March. In it we can also expect new maps, weapons, equipment and an updated battle pass with 100 new levels, in addition to a narrative event, custom servers and a series of quality of life improvements, bug fixes and content updates.

halo-infinite It has been available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC since December of last year. In Vandal you can consult our guide and read our analysis, in which we conclude that “a long campaign with impeccable shooting that never tire, a competitive multiplayer that could hardly be more fun and that has already left us with countless great moments, great art direction and a spectacular soundtrack are their main letters of introduction”.

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