Halfway! We celebrate Owen Wilson’s 55th birthday with his films

The charismatic Owen Wilson has a birthday this Friday, November 18, so we will put 5 of his works in the cinema on the table.

The actor, who is also a screenwriter, seems to be still in his 40s, due to his eternal blonde hair and handsome air, but today he has already circled the sun 55 times, part of which he managed to accumulate a fortune of 75 million dollars, thanks to his contributions to various Hollywood films, according to the CA Knowledge site.

Owen was born in Dallas, Texas, and has two brothers (one older and one younger). Like him, Luke (51) and Andrew (58) Wilson are also actors. But Owen never intended to venture into the trade, rather, he was emerging as a writer, but he has not yet published his debut, nor has he shown any intention of doing so.

Owen Wilson
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Camaraderie and joint projects

The interpreter is a friend and colleague of award-winning director Wes Anderson, and they have collaborated on several occasions. They met in college and soon after began writing together. The duo co-wrote “Rushmore” (1998) and “The Royal Tenenbaums” (2001), both directed by Anderson. Thanks to the second they were nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

“Bottle Rocket” (1996) represented his film debut; she starred in it and also co-wrote the script with Anderson, who in turn directed it, as on previous occasions. Despite its critical acclaim, the film only grossed just over $1 million, based on a green $7 million budget, according to Box Office Mojo.

However, this did not prevent him from moving to Hollywood in the same residence with his brothers and the one also responsible for films such as “Moonrise Kingdom” and “The French Dispatch”, where the birthday boy also made an appearance. Nor should we leave out his various credits in comedies, nor his participation in blockbuster films.

Below we detail some of his best-known projects:

“Wedding Crashers”

John and Jeremy are two best friends who are dedicated to sneaking into strangers’ weddings to meet girls, accustomed to this habit that amuses them, it will take a toll on John when he falls in love with a woman that he really cannot have, because despite the fact that she reciprocates, she doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, considering that their meeting was based on a lie.

Like few others, this romantic comedy is told from the male point of view. Vince Vaugh, Rachel McAdams and Bradley Cooper complete the cast.

With an investment of 40 million dollars, worldwide the tape reached the outstanding figure of $288,485,135 million.

“Midnight in Paris”

In this Woody Allen film, Owen Wilson once again joined forces with Rachel McAdams. Both play a couple in crisis with very different interests, which is not to say they haven’t shown chemistry on set.

On the other hand, this is not exactly the premise of this 2011 premiere, but that of a man who, without meaning to, found himself and his happy place in his favorite city, Paris. As if it were an echo of reality, in this production he starred as Gil, a screenwriter who yearns to become a writer. This film is an escape of beautiful photography, harmonized with melodies and vibrant female roles. The main role is a gentle, simple and accessible man.

Hall Pass

Rick and Fred get their lucky break when their wives, Grace and Maggie, tired of their immaturity and fixation with other women, give them a week’s free pass to sleep with whoever provokes them, without it being considered infidelity.

But, to their bad luck, the monotony of their marriages and their lack of sex appeal will play a trick on them.

On this occasion, his partner in mischief was Jason Sudeikis, the main quartet is complemented by Jenna Fisher and Christina Applegate.

“The Internship”

Nick and Billy are forced into innovation after losing their sales jobs, so they try to get a job at Google. As two middle-aged men, they must face a group of young brainiacs to get a position in the company. As well as smug mentors.

The punchline of the movie is watching these two old foxes adapt to technology and fall for hazing. Again, she collaborated with Vince Vaugh in the lead role, which is a lot of fun to watch, as they know how to bring that genuine, candid touch to comedy.

“Secret Headquarters”

This original Paramount + production was launched on the platform last August and in it today’s birthday boy shines like never before: he is a superhero! As in most of his projects, this one is loaded with jokes, however, they are more realistic and contemporary to the time, so anyone could relate.

Jack was his role in this action-adventure comedy where he played a sweet and loving father with a secret identity. Judging by the aesthetics of him, he seems to emulate the well-known Iron Man.

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