Haiti’s situation reached a “dramatic point”

This Friday, the Dominican Republic asked the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) to offer the technical assistance requested by Haiti because the situation in that country reached a “critical point”.

Dominican Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez said this Friday that the Haitian National Police “can not” alone to face the insecurity crisis it faces, where criminal gangs block fuel distribution, loot hospitals and kidnap people.

Álvarez said that analysts indicate that if Haiti does not come to aid soon, the state authority will collapse in a matter of weeks or months.

The Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, called “Technical support” to the OAS to fight organized crime and the strengthening of customs controls to fight smuggling.

Henry made the request by letter dated November 5 in Port-au-Prince and addressed to Cristóbal Dupuoy, special representative of the OAS. He said that Haiti faces problems that generate transnational crime.

The head of the Dominican delegation affirmed that the OAS has mechanisms to provide immediate support for Haiti, such as the Inter-American Port Commission (CIP) to help the fuel in Haiti reach the ports.

“The regional experience indicates that Haiti requires a broad, inclusive, sustained and good faith political dialogue that allows the different actors to achieve a governance pact that restores democratic legitimacy, institutionality and the trust of the international community”, added Álvarez, who reiterated that “there is not and will not be” a Dominican solution to the Haitian crisis which, he said, will only be resolved with the concerted effort of Haitians.

Costa Rica supports Haiti’s request

The Foreign Minister of Costa Rica, Rodolfo Solano, supported the request of the Dominican Republic so that, from the General Secretariat of the OAS, it articulates with the CIP to attend to the “urgent” needs of Haiti.

“I would like to ask this Assembly, please, to take this situation seriously and, as a clear sign of support, to make the respective instruction to the General Secretariat,” said Solano.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica already expressed his concern about the situation in Haiti yesterday, when he said that financing is necessary for that country for sustainable recovery and job recovery.

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