Haiti’s most powerful armed group announces a week-long truce

Haiti’s most powerful armed group, G9 an Fanmi e Alye, announced a week-long truce on Friday to facilitate fuel distribution.

The leader of G9 an Fanmi e Alye, Jimmy Chérizier, alias Barbecue, announced at a press conference that his gang will unlock access to the Varreux oil terminal, in the port area of ​​Port-au-Prince, and will cease its attacks on truckers.

“Life must go back to normal as before,” Barbecue said at a press conference in La Saline, a slum in central Port-au-Prince that is controlled by his gang.

The capo explained that the truce is granted because it is the eve of the 218th anniversary of the Battle of Vertières, which took place on November 18, 1803.

Barbecue invited Haitians to “meditate” on the value of this anniversary, which commemorates the last battle of the Haitian Revolution, in which the inhabitants of the then French colony defeated Napoleonic troops.

“This truce-reflection is to demonstrate our good faith, our feeling and love for our brothers in the country,” said Barbecue upon reading a three-page statement.

The G9 leader invited Haitians to reflect on his request for the resignation of Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry, whom he said is “incapable” of managing the country.

Barbecue accuses the Prime Minister of “participating in the assassination of President Jovenel Moise”, perpetrated by a group of mercenaries on July 7 last.

The G9 has blocked fuel distribution since mid-September, which has caused a shortage that has worsened over the weeks, which has forced the closure of many companies and institutions that use diesel electric generators.

Despite the fact that for two weeks the Haitian Police have begun to escort the tanker trucks, to resume the distribution of fuel to hospitals and some gas stations, the shortage continues to be widespread in the country.

This last week there have been several clashes between the G9 and the Police in the vicinity of the National Palace, headquarters of the Executive power in this Caribbean country, but which has been vacant since the assassination.

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