Hagi made a mess! He was shocked by what the Mayak players were doing in the locker room. “Inform Romania, you must know. I’m kind of predicting what’s going to happen in a year.”

The manager of Constanţa Lighthouse, Gică Hagi, has caused alarm among his players. The “King” did it publicly, at a time when he was dissatisfied and worried about how the team looked at the start of the season.

Gike Hadji changing the leaf at the Constanta lighthouse

A clear exit from the Champions League preliminary matches with Sheriff left traces on Ghica Hadji. After Farului’s victory over Voluntari with a score of 4:1, the King interfered harshly in the actions of some players, which had not happened for a long time.

“You can’t just do a phase and play football. In the locker room, some want, while others think they are on vacation. I know that we are at sea, it’s beautiful. We know the story from Constanta that they don’t play football in Constanta in the summer, that we are on vacation by the sea.

I got the impression that arrogance is implemented in the club, quite impudent … Last year we did something, and now there is a new challenge.

If we don’t wake up, hard times are ahead of us. I have the experience of being able to foresee or have a vision. I kind of see what will happen in six months, a year. I won’t leave because I don’t kick me out anymore, I won’t be kicked out. They will leave. Those who don’t make it… We’ll clean the dressing room properly.

If they are complete and have done everything, then we have big problems. I’m connected, but on the other hand it’s a bit difficult. This impression, I hope I’m wrong,” Gike Hadji was indignant at a press conference after the match Farul Constanta – Voluntar 4:1.

Football players molested Jike Hagi for what they did in the locker room: “How lucky are you? And they were laughing in the locker room after the match.”

After winning his second out of two possible Super League wins, Jike Hagi was unhappy that some players didn’t listen to his instructions, especially in the defensive phase. Moreover, he was alarmed when he saw that they had a sense of contentment in the locker room.

“You saw what I did on the bench with the score 4:1. It’s not normal to say something and let everyone do what they think, what they want, how they want. How I played in Sheriff, individually.

Voluntari had many opportunities, but how much luck can there be? And they laughed in the locker room after the game. They laughed in the dressing room after the game, they thought they didn’t know what they had done. In the locker room, I’m there too and I know how you should look. A team cannot do only one phase, only with the ball. And without the ball, I ask them to run, notice the person, be aggressive. This is impossible! From tomorrow I’m undressing with them in the dressing room because I have to change because I’m not going.

Pay attention to the words that I say. Luckily with Buzbuchi we have six points. Dot! From here, something needs to be changed so that he is no longer the best goalkeeper, as he was in Sibiu, and they sing in the locker room. Everything must change. They say what they hear, then again… They think that’s how they play football.

Why can Artean, Grameni, Popescu run and others can’t? They train, they focus, they want it, that’s what I need. We were hungry, hungry, not that we were better than the FCSB in terms of lot, cost, Craiova or CFR. Do not believe this, that we are deceiving ourselves, ”the King added.

Jike Hagi: “It seems atypical, but I have to tell the truth”

“It feels like I have to sit and yell for 90 minutes, do every phase, yell at them to do it. They do not want to. If I were silent… How many goals did I score in training?

I’m very angry, you all should know, Romania should know. It seems atypical, but I have to tell the truth, I have no reason to hide the truth. She is fat, Farul will be fat in the future.

A miracle happened in Constanta, and living with it is a big responsibility, not to be arrogant. We hope to be humble, to work the same way, because I know that we are very good. Thank you!” said Gike Hagi, the manager of the Constanta lighthouse.

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