Hadji Faisal strongly refuses to make Rebecca Klopp son-in-law: he is no longer respected

Although they are rarely seen together now, many netizens suspect that Fadli Faisal and Rebecca Klopper are still in love. However, Fadli Faisal’s father, Haji Faisal, strongly disapproved of their relationship anymore.

Haji Faisal’s rejection was inseparable from the backstory of Rebecca Klopper, who suffered from a spectacular video scandal that went viral some time ago.

“If they are still together, still in a relationship, I will answer now, I do not have ACC (give my blessing),” said Haji Faisal, citing a video that was re-uploaded to the Instagram account @lambe_danu, Tuesday (08/29/2023) .

“Because I said earlier that my child can be with anyone, as long as that person is good. But with such a background (Rebecca Klopper) he is no longer a good person,” added Haji Faisal.

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Since the riveting video was circulated, Haji Faisal, who used to treat Rebecca like his own child, now looks at her in a very different way. “I used to take it, I don’t know, I welcome it, I consider it my baby, but after it’s open like this, do you want me to take it too?” he continued.

Moreover, Haji Faisal saw that if the relationship between them continued, it could be a boomerang for his own son.

“It can become a burden on Fadley himself if he enters the household and has children, even his children will become a burden,” he explained.

Hadji Faisal also stressed that Rebecca Klopper no longer has a place in the family.

“To which I want to answer again, we said it, we don’t respect it, we don’t like it anymore, we don’t fit anymore,” Haji Faisal concluded.

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