Guardiola was ranked 2nd in the Premier League’s Top 10 Shopping Kings.

More generous than Pep

Of the top 10 Premier League spenders published by the Mirror, only two rare leaders have reached the £1bn mark. Mourinho’s manager is one of them, and the other is current Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola.

Statistics show that since taking over at Manchester City in 2016, Guardiola’s manager has spent up to £1.05bn recruiting the City. Precisely because Guardiola’s coach is so generous, many people think he only knows how to spend money to buy success.

Those who doubt the ability of the coach Guardiola basically do not believe that he can win the title if only he leads a team without expensive stars. However, at the end of the day, no one can deny the fact that the former Barca manager has enriched the traditional Man City room in recent years.

Guardiola has led Manchester City to the Premier League throne five times, and Guardiola’s manager is even better than Mourinho, a new colleague who has won the Premier League three times. It is worth mentioning here that Guardiola’s coach spends as much, but still slightly less, than Mourinho. Having worked at Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, the Portuguese strategist has added players with a total transfer value of up to £1.14bn.

Mourinho's manager is the manager who buys the most in the Premier League

Sir Alex is not in the top 5

Speaking of monuments in the Premier League, of course, one cannot fail to mention the famous former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. In terms of Premier League experience, Sir Alex is second only to his colleague Arsene Wenger, who has been with Arsenal for many years (Sir Alex has 7,640 days in the Premier League, while manager Wenger has 7,894 days).

Interestingly, despite having been in charge of MU for over 20 years, Sir Alex is not even in the top five most spent managers in the Premier League. It has been estimated that at the time of Sir Alex’s retirement in 2013, he had spent £570.4 million on strengthening the force.

Ten years ago, Sir Alex was “unbeatable” in terms of the amount of money poured into the transfer market, but now he is only 6th in the Premier League behind Mourinho, Guardiola, Wenger, Jurgen Klopp and Brendan Rodgers.

Among the individuals mentioned above, Liverpool manager Klopp was shortly after Sir Alex. However, he made an impressive breakthrough this summer when he brought expensive pairing Alexis Mac Allister and Dominik Soboslai to Liverpool.

To get Soboslai, Liverpool paid Leipzig up to £60m. Meanwhile, Argentine world champion Mac Allister cost Liverpool £35m for the transfer. The process of buying Liverpool this summer promises not to stop, with HL Klopp still targeting two midfielders Romeo Lavia (Southampton) and Andre Trindade (Fluminense).

Top 10 Premier League Shopping Managers

1. José Mourinho (Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham) – £1.14 billion
2. Pep Guardiola (Manchester City) £1.05bn
3. Arsene Wenger (Arsenal) £762.3m
4. Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool) £613m
5. Brendan Rodgers (Swansea/Liverpool/Leicester) £591.6m
6. Sir Alex Ferguson (Man. United) – £570.4m
7. Manuel Pellegrini (Manchester City/West Ham) £526.5m
8. Mark Hughes (Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, QPR, Stoke, Manchester City) £513.5m
9. Antonio Conte (Chelsea/Tottenham) £511.2m
10. Eddie Howe (Bournemouth/Newcastle) £481.7m

Mourinho makes Pogba the most valuable player in the world

In August 2016, coach Mourinho asked MU BLD to bring Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba to him. To please the Portuguese strategist, BLD MU bought Pogba for a then-record £89.3 million. It is noteworthy that before returning to Old Trafford as the most expensive player in the world, the French midfielder left Manchester United in 2012, as the parties did not renew the contract.

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