GTA Trilogy is a mess! Best / Worst Screenshots of the Rockstar Games Remastered »

The worst kept secret of the year in video games or the Gta trilogy It is giving a lot of reactions as the hours go by and more users relive these stories.

Some that marked a before and after in open world video games. Therefore, the expectations about this new project of Rockstar games they were considerably high.

Gta remastered

Reactions to Gta Remastered

It is worth noting that we are in a year where disappointments seem to be the order of the day. A great example of this is the Diablo 2 remake; however, we expected that the Gta remastered was different.

However, social networks in their crudest natural state have been the space where the users who already have the game in their hands can download their opinions about it. A verdict that, at first glance, does not seem at all encouraging. But we will not tell you more, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we will show you the best captures of the GTA Trilogy that we have compiled so far.

GTA III cheats for Nintendo Switch

When was Morgan Freeman removed from the GTA?

There are no words to explain this

This is why we should not go out at night

The HESOYAM went down in history

What if… Denise had suffered some damage in the fire?

Not all problems with the GTA Trilogy

As we could see, the Gta remastered It presents certain aspects that we could classify as “quite striking” – just not to say that they give the impression that they are still in the design process.

However, there are also things to highlight within these video games, such as the exteriors and their respective environments. A clear example of this we see here.

Therefore, it should be noted that all is not lost, within the most remarkable thing that we can see is the effect of its new graphics engine. Likewise, the GTA Trilogy songs They give it a very high point despite the fact that not all songs from the original versions made it to the remastering.

GTA 6 release date revealed in new leaks!

It is also necessary to comment that these images of the Gta Trilogy Remastered they are, in short, signs of a severe setback in terms of the quality of the game. One that makes us think that Rockstar was pressured by all the leaks that emerged in recent months. Is there any solution? For the sake of the franchise, and of many heads metaphorically speaking, let’s hope so.

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