Grupo AN increases its profit by 21% in the last year

The AN Group grew in profits, own resources and employment in the fiscal year between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021, despite the difficulties that the COVID-19 pandemic has posed for the development of the different activities to which it is dedicated.

The agri-food cooperative, whose headquarters are in Tajonar (Navarra), held its annual General Assembly this Friday at the Hotel Castillo de Gorraiz. During the event, Francisco Arrars has been re-elected for four more years as Chairman of the AN Group, a position he has held since 1998.

The event was held following the necessary measures to preserve health security, with taking the temperature of the attendees, the application of hydroalcoholic gel and maintaining the distance between people. Representatives of the member cooperatives of the AN Group have attended, in addition to a small number of guests, including the Minister of Rural Development and Environment of the Government of Navarra, Itziar Gomez, in charge of closing the event.

As the president of the AN Group, Francisco Arrars, and the general director of the company, Alfredo Arbeloa, have stated during the General Assembly, the AN Group increased its profits by 21%, reaching 8.72 million euros. most of which are distributed to member cooperatives. Turnover stood at 1,293 million euros, decreasing by 11%, a figure that is explained by the exit of Unica Fresh from the group of consolidated companies, due to the sale of most of the company’s shares. Apart from this fact, there has been growth in all activities and sections, as reflected in the results for the year.

During the period analyzed, the AN Group, which has 168 member cooperatives in which about 40,000 farmers and ranchers are integrated, has continued to create new jobs: it has gone from 1,712 to 1,804 workers, increasing the workforce by 5.3 %. These are important increases that have been registered despite the impact of the limitations imposed by the covid-19 pandemic throughout the year.

The solid equity of the company is evident in the ability to generate Own Resources: they increased by 6% and exceeded 133 million euros, compared to 125 million the previous year. The cash-flow generated, of 15.1 million, allows to maintain the level of investments of the last years: among those made in the year, thanks in part to being one of the Priority Associative Entities (EAP), the extension of the dryer stands out. from Valencia de Don Juan, Len; the works undertaken in the Marcilla incubator, Navarra, where solar panels have been installed to achieve greater energy savings. In Fustiana, the expansion of a cereal warehouse has also been carried out. Another warehouse, the one in Tajonar, next to the Caceco factory, has been remodeled and modernized with the installation of automatic doors that favor the sanitation of raw materials; and in Los Arcos there is already a new machine for cleaning cereal.

Elections have been held during the General Assembly to renew half of the Governing Council of the AN Group. In addition to the reelection of Francisco Arrars as president, the member cooperatives have voted to elect the members of the Avcola (Ana Mara Prez), Hortcola (Jos Luis Blanco) and Cereales (Germn Jaurrieta) sections, those from the Estella areas (Francisco Maestu) and Alto Ebro (Nstor Fernndez), and the member of the Workers (Mara Jess Prez), in addition to the three auditors (Matas Llorente, Germn Goi and Roberto Zabaleta).

In her speech, the Minister of Rural Development and the Environment, Itziar Gomez, referred to the current state of the negotiation of the new CAP: We maintain our commitment to minimize the negative impact that this Strategic Plan of the CAP has on the sector, using proprietary tools and policies such as our PDR. And he added that this morning the initial proposal of the PDR for the period 2021-2027 has been presented to the agricultural organizations and that it will be endowed with a budget of 343 million euros, that is, 27 million euros more than in the current one. period.

Before the General Assembly, the Vivero AN event was planned, a forum in which key issues for the agri-food sector were to be discussed, such as sustainability, precision agriculture and the strengthening of the cooperative culture through alliances. strategic. The meeting, part of the EIT Food Annual Food Agenda project, has been postponed.

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