Grey’s Anatomy: The Only Character Shonda Rhimes Regrets Killing

Since Grey’s Anatomy began, viewers have seen many tragic deaths, but as explained by the medical drama creator Shonda Rhimes, she only has one character whose death she mourns and who was not as important as Derek Shepherd.

The Serie Grey’s Anatomydirected by Dr. Meredith Gray (played by ellen pompeo), follows the lives of surgical interns, residents, and physicians at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital (formerly Seattle Grace Hospital) as they struggle to balance their personal and professional lives, leading to major drama both inside and outside the hospital. Of all the characters who have died in the series, the creator of the medical drama shonda rimesonly regrets the murder of one, and is not the protagonist.

As fans will remember, throughout the 15 seasons from Grey’s Anatomy Countless tragedies have occurred, affecting both the doctors’ patients and their personal lives. Some of the events have affected the professional and personal lives of the characters. Meredith and company witnessed the death of many people, some of whom quickly won over viewers with their charm, but were not destined to live long.

However, the decision that a character dies or not depends on the creator of the series and the writers, who raise who should die in which season. An example of this is what happened with Dylan Young, played by Kyle Chandlerwho appeared in only two episodes and found a tragic end and shonda rimes he regrets having spoiled him with a heartbreaking fate.

Dylan Young was a senior member of the Seattle Police Bomb Squad and made his debut in the season two episode titled “It’s the End of the World”. In this chapter, a patient is admitted to the hospital, but one of the paramedics, Hannah (christina ricci), keeps his hand on the patient’s body because he believes it is the only way to stop the bleeding. The hospital staff discover that there was a bomb in the man’s body and that what Hannah was holding was a bomb that she prevented from going off.

Shonda Rhimes didn’t want to murder Dylan Young in Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Shonda Rhimes Didn’t Want To Murder Dylan Young

The staff called the bomb squad and that’s how Dylan Young appeared on the scene. Hours later, Hannah pulled her hand away and fled, but Meredith quickly replaced her. In the next episode, the doctors and Dylan came up with a plan to rescue the man and safely remove the bomb, and Meredith managed to retrieve it and deliver it to Dylan. Unfortunately, as Dylan was slowly walking down the hall, the bomb went off. In a scene that surprised all viewers and that no one expected to happen that way.

Curiously, shodan rhimes revealed in an interview in 2013 that he did not want to kill Dylan Young Kyle Chandler. Then, years later in a 2017 interview with EW, Rhimes revealed that Chandler had offered her ideas on how to save Dylan, but she kept showing him a line from the script that literally read, “Dylan explodes.” However, Rhimes admitted that she didn’t expect Kyle Chandler to play Dylan Young and that she “didn’t want to bust it.” In fact, ellen pompeo She added that Chandler was amazing and “just so natural,” and she was right.

“Dylan Young only needed two episodes to win over viewers, and he certainly didn’t deserve to die, or at least not as horribly as he did.”

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