Grey’s Anatomy: The gift with which Ellen Pompeo received new actors in the drama

Ellen Pompeo decided that season 19 would be the beginning of the end for her character as Meredith Grey. Committed to keeping Grey’s Anatomy going without her on board, she’s done her best to make the relief generation that looks set to take over the show feel at home.

Grey’s Anatomy is just a week away from launching its season 19 in abcone marked by new beginnings and by stories that are incredibly similar to those experienced in 2005 by the first inmates we saw arriving at Gray Sloan Memorial when it was Grace in Seattle and was under the direction of a still young Richard Webber.

Ellen Pompeo decided to welcome the new cast of Grey’s Anatomy with open arms

With Season 19, Grey’s Anatomy is ushering in a new generation, one that’s unlike any that came before it but promises to make mistakes much like its predecessors. However, everything will be colored by the beauty of new beginnings and the promise that the fun will not end with the partial departure of ellen pompeo.

It was precisely the actress who was in charge of welcoming the new actors of the medical drama, in her very particular and maternal way. According to newcomers to Grey’s Anatomy: Midori Francis, Harry Shum Jr., Nikko Terho, Alexis Floyd Y Adelaide Kanethe veteran actress has been very kind to everyone.

According to the new members of the cast of Grey’s Anatomy, the interpreter of Meredith Gray gave each of them a very special detail. These are plants called succulents that are considered by Feng Shui philosophy as protective guardians that purify the environment and promote harmony.

This is a very particular gift given its meaning. With it, the actress wants to augur a happy start to the newcomers to Grey’s Anatomy who will have the arduous task of demonstrating that the program can continue to exist without its main star, who in this new season decided to have a reduced participation. Actress Midori Francis noted that Pompeo, who announced that she will only appear in eight episodes this season of Grey’s Anatomy, has maintained a strong presence on the show since the news that she would scale back from the series as Meredith Grey.

She has been so excited and so positive about keeping the show going. She says that she will always be a part of the show, but that she is also very excited to welcome this new group of interns and to keep things fresh and moving, Midori Francis explained.

Ellen Pompeo gave each of the new Grey’s Anatomy cast a plant called a succulent.

As for the nerves, the young actress said that there are many other veterans, including Chandra Wilson (Dr Bailey) and James Pickens Jr. (Dr. Richard Webber), who also stepped up and welcomed the new Grey’s Anatomy cast members with open arms.

Although Ellen Pompeo will always be a part of the show and its history, Midori Francis recalled that there is a cast of 17 on the series, many of whom have been on the ABC show for more than a decade, during which time they have won over fans. the hearts of the fans.

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