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Without strictly belonging to the horror genre, these creatures defy the peace, joy and tranquility that is traditionally breathed at Christmas to show that this time is magical and supernatural.

Christmas is the date of reconciliation with the family, as Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis suggest in Happy New. It may also be the time to live a nostalgic romance like Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara in Carol or, why not, live with Keira Knightley and Matthew Goode at the apocalyptic dinner of the Last night.

Being a magical time, anything is possible at Christmas for better or worse. Whether it’s meeting the grumpy but heroic David Harbor in night without peace or drunk guys posing as Santa Claus looking for redemption like Billy Bob Thornton in bad santa. However, When supernatural forces manifest, a series of monsters and dangerous creatures threaten to destroy the Christmas celebrations.

‘Jack Frost’

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In 1997, it premiered Jack Frost, a slasher horror film about a serial killer who turns into a snowman. A year later, another film with the same title arrived, starring Michael Keaton, only this time, it was a family movie where a dead and neglectful father returns as a snowman. However, this figure is threatening and terrifying for the little ones.

‘Ghosts attack the boss’

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Among the innumerable adaptations of a christmas tale by Charles Dickens is one of the most disturbing: The ghosts attack the boss. Richard Donner’s film features Frank Cross (Bill Murray), an egotistical, cynical and callous television executive who detests celebrations. When he is visited by one of the ghosts of Christmas, we see the crying lost souls trapped inside the ribcage, and then he expels disgusting creatures that have devoured the rotting flesh of the ghost’s body.

‘The Grinch’

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What was meant to be a children’s storybook adaptation ended up being the thing that took them away from Christmas altogether. According to some parents, The Grinchrated for the general public, is strictly for adults. Crude humor and innuendo aside, the film Ron Howard develops a character, played by Jim Carreyslightly scary that does not instill confidence in any child.

‘Krampus, damn Christmas’

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In Krampus, damn Christmas, directed by Michael Dougherty, a boy, disillusioned by his family’s selfish and high-handed behavior, destroys his letter to Santa Claus; the scraps of paper he angrily throws out the window into the cold outside. This action accidentally invokes Krampus, the Christmas demon who feeds on the ill will, ingratitude, hypocrisy and cynicism of the dysfunctional family.


Warner Bros.

Gremlins it features cute little creatures that do funny things, but make no mistake, it’s a very close to horror movie. Director Joe Dante seizes on the magical moment of the season by having his leading man Billy (Zach Gilligan) receive a rare but adorable Mogwai as a Christmas present. At first all is peace and warmth, but then comes a chilling twist. The mysterious gift multiplies into creatures that turn into devilish-looking little monsters.

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