Greece faces ‘largest fire ever recorded in the EU’ – European Commission

Greece is facing “the biggest fire ever recorded in the EU,” a European Commission spokesman said on Tuesday, who also noted that the 27 member states have now mobilized almost half of the total European air assets, according to AFP, quoted by AFP. Agerpress.

Eleven aircraft and a helicopter from the European fleet were sent to help Greece fight the flames in the Dadia National Park, located in the northeast of the country, along with 407 firefighters, said the same representative of the European Commission, Balazs Uivari.

For the 11th day in a row, Greek firefighters have been trying to put out a blaze devastating the forest in this park, part of the European Natura 2000 network, known for its abundance of birds of prey.

The fire has spread across a front of nearly 10 kilometers and is “still out of control,” a spokesman for the Greek fire brigade said.

This summer, Greece has faced numerous wildfires that the government of Athens blames on climate change.

The EU has a fleet of 24 aircraft and four helicopters provided by member states to fight fires within the union and in neighboring countries.

It is also trying to set up a 12-aircraft autonomous EU-funded air squadron that will be fully operational by 2030.

“The fires are getting more and more serious,” Balazs Uyvari stressed.

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