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Season 12 of Our Latin Beauty is about to end and there is less and less to meet the woman who will be the queen and future host of Univision, meanwhile, tonight the competition will take a total turn when Alejandra Espinoza say the name of the two contestants who received the fewest votes and cross the catwalk for the last time.

Raishmar Carrillo, Fabién Laurencio de la Concepción, Jaky Magaña, Sirey Morán, Génesis Suero and Lupita Valero They are the six semifinalists and they know that their time is running out to show that they are worthy of this title. They have already had the opportunity to demonstrate their talent in front of a microphone and improvise, as well as their dancing qualities, but there is still more.


At the gala number 7, the girls performed great choreographies that thrilled the judges Giselle Blondet, Jomari Goyso, Daniella Álvarez and Adal Ramones. The mexicans Lupita and Jaky they made us vibrate to the rhythm of a Mexican regional, Raishmar He brought out his most sensual side by dancing reggaeton and Fabién Laurencio showed that it brings the sauce in the veins.

The Dominican from New York, Genesis, surprised everyone with his bachata and with his dance partner, Chef Yisus, as well as Yes King, who danced a tango with Toni Costa and was a sensation despite the fact that the Honduran woman highlighted never having danced with a partner in public.

A lot of moments and emotions have accumulated throughout seven shows; Two broadcasts are missing that will surely leave many more memories and here is a preview of what the public will be able to see.

“One shone and the other did not let itself be overshadowed”: Migbelis thinks about the dance challenges of Lupita and Sirey

The great semifinal of Nuestra Belleza Latina will be a heart attack

Everything is almost ready for an exceptional ‘Queen’s Challenge’ that will delight the judges. The talented Clarissa molina, Nuestra Belleza Latina VIP (2016). will be in charge of presenting it and has only anticipated that again music will be the center of this challenge. In addition, the participants were this week at the Univision facilities and there, too, each one had to meet a driving challenge.

In addition, we will have two very special guests, both great Spanish-speaking television figures: Charytín and Don Francisco, who will interact with the participants and will surely have a lot to share with them.

But not everything ends there, since the music will be in charge of the Dominican Natti Nattasha, who will make us dance to his most recent hits; Paulina Rubio with her new single ‘Yo Soy’ and one of the youngest representatives of the urban genre, Lunay, will also be ready to sing to the six young women on our catwalk.

“I love you, forgive me”: Genesis’s mother says to her daughter when she remembers that she abandoned her due to depression and alcoholism

Your last chance to vote to elect the queen of Nuestra Belleza Latina

This semifinal will dismiss two contestants and of the four that remain in the competition, the public will choose the new queen of NBL.

Like every show, at the end you can enter the site to support the four finalists for 24 hours. Each person has 10 votes and can distribute them among the participants they want. You can also vote by phone call. This is the last chance to do so and decide who will be the next NBL queen.

Be part of this great program tonight starting at 8P / 7C on Univision.

The voice of Ana Bárbara joined the gala catwalk with dresses inspired by Hollywood glamor

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