“great political initiative” of the Elysee Palace is perplexing, including the majority

In his own camp, the President of the Republic is struggling to convince of the relevance of his “major political initiative.”


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Emmanuel Macron addresses ambassadors at the Elysee Palace, August 28, 2023.  (TERESA SUAREZ/POOL/AFP)

Sigh or shrug. Such is the reaction of some followers of Emmanuel Macron to the memory of “Meetings of Saint-Denis”. This name gave the Elysee Palace “major political initiative” promised the head of state, who would therefore gather the leaders of the political parties represented in Parliament on Wednesday, August 30, at the Légion d’Honneur in Saint-Denis, near Paris.

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Emmanuel Macron will start working on his arguments on Tuesday 29 August with a brainstorming session surrounded by eleven ministers in the morning before dinner with majorities heavyweights like Elisabeth Born, Edouard Philippe and François Bayrou in the majority and in his own camp. . But only a few see a concrete way out for this famous and large-scale political initiative.

“He has ants in his legs, he wants to take care of everything, but he didn’t find a martingale.”

Majority Member

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To the “pre-referendum”?

Among the possible martingales, but not explicitly fixed, there are, in particular, projects for a referendum and even a “preferendum”. This idea, still unclear, was expressed by government spokesman Olivier Veran. It will be a gigantic consultation with voting on several issues to be decided among themselves. “great”, “GOOD”, “fair” Or “refuse”. Not enough to enlist the support of the president: Macron wants to shake the coconut tree, but the coconuts are not ripe yet.

A way to remember that the political equation seems to be fixed. Although the knives are already sharpened by 2027, neither a government agreement nor an absolute majority in parliament is possible. The presidential adviser concludes: “We’re not going to repeat this match, but at a time when democracy is weakened, we can’t blame him for trying anything.”

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