Great airdrop of the best NFT collection. Participate and win an Angry Cat

The collection Angry Cats raffle 100 exclusive NFTs. What is one of the most popular series of non-fungible tokens from Open Sea will distribute said NFTs through a lottery. The 100 NFTs correspond to a fraction of the total supply of angry cats of 10 thousand unique units.

The volume of the NFT token market in the first quarter was almost $500 million, which is more than, for example, the AI ​​market in many countries. Ebay is already implementing NFT, using on-site tokens to buy blockchain-based collectibles. Football players, artists, musicians, and other celebrities are actively issuing their own NFT tokens. The main questions are: why and how does it work?

Not only authors of exclusive works can make money with NFTs, but also buyers who are willing to wait. An eye-opening story: A Beeple video featuring Joe Biden and Donald Trump sold for $67,000. A few months later, the owner of the video sold his token for $6.5 million, earning himself a rich old age. The author of the video was also not stranded, he received a 10% commission, this is how the token reselling works. Authors get royalties.

What is NFT Angrycat?

On October 23, 2022 the AngryCat NFT collection hit the top 10 at OpenSea.

Angrycat is a cultural identity. A pure collection of 10,000 different cats to create an interesting brand and a feline city. Anger is a strong emotion in human nature. The most faithful companion of every practitioner on the path to follow. Entrepreneurs, merchants, and anyone who works hard, angry at failure because they don’t try hard enough, angry at success because of imperfection.

People are most uncomfortable teetering on the brink of success and failure. All this stems from insecurity about the future.

What progressive practitioners need is an understanding of anger and an acknowledgment of struggle. It’s about business and life. That’s why Angry Cats was born.

In the last month, purchases of Angry Cats on the OpenSea platform totaled 810. Which shows great popularity among the crypto community.

Now we want to tell you about the easy way to try your luck and get 1 of 100 exclusive AngryCat NFTs. If you are lucky, you will get an NFT worth up to 10 ethereum. Winners will be able to put their NFTs up for sale right away, or wait and put them up for sale when they increase in value.

How to get a free NFT?

100 NFT Angry Cats will be distributed among users in the form of a lottery. To do this, you need to follow 3 simple steps.

  • Connect your wallet (Metamask, Coinbase or other) on the official Angry Cat website (
  • After connecting the blockchain, the winner is randomly determined.
  • If you win successfully, you are given NFT for free. You only need to pay the network fee to send the NFT to your address.

*Amount of commission depends on network load.

*If there are not enough tokens in your wallet to pay the fee, the NFT will not be sent.

Try your luck! –

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