Graphologist analyzes the body language of Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend

The uncertainty continues regarding the case of Octavio Ocana, who unfortunately he lost his life on October 29 after a police chase; the case of the young actor caused a stir on social media and little by little several theories of his death have emerged.

Even, ‘Seer cat’ a known user in Monterrey, accused Nerea Godínez, bride of the deceased be involved in the case. For this reason, a graphologist, analyzed Nerea’s body language and discovered the truth about her and the Octavio Ocaña case.

To say by the specialist of Hoy, Octavio Pérez Ocaña’s fiancee She is having a pretty bad time with the departure of her partner and not only that, but also with everything that is said about her.

Octavio Ocaña neighbors death justice Nerea Godínez graphologist

In the video Nerea touches her chest, what MaryFer ensures is to encourage, while after puts his hand to his ear, but this is because definitely he doesn’t want to hear anymoreWell, she is tired of everything that is said.

“When she says that she is overwhelmed, now she is going through not only a duel, but an accusation”, assured the graphologist.

Here the video:

However, shortly after, Nerea relaxes and moves her chest a lot: “It seems that he is touching his chest, like ‘I’m holding back’, but really what he has is great impotence”, revealed the specialist.

In addition, It is necessary to specify how Nerea Godínez is shown, who, in the words of the specialist, is a “Woman who likes to talk and it has shown what it is like with total transparency. “

Finally, the analyst assures that Nerea Godínez is being sincere at the time of showing his pain about the case of Octavio Ocaña.

Octavio Ocaña neighbors death justice Nerea Godínez graphologist

“He is not lying to us when he says about this great pain and how the comments hurt him, he is telling us about this great pain and the work that it costs him to listen to them,” he concluded.

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