Graduates in medical expertise, damage and health conflicts

The 12 students that make up the 3rd edition of the Master.

Last Friday the graduation ceremony of the 12 students who make up the 3rd edition of the Master’s Degree in the assessment of bodily harm, medical expertise and out-of-court resolution of health liability conflicts was held, developed and taught by Professionals of Medicine and Law (Promede), the Spanish Association of Health Law (AEDS), the Spanish Society for the Assessment of Bodily Injury and own San Pablo CEU University as a master’s degree within its academic offer. As pointed out Pedro Casado, coordinator of the Master, “this degree with highly prestigious teachers in the three areas of study, and is the first postgraduate degree that guarantees a integral formation for the student, since it combines health expertise, bodily harm and out-of-court conflict negotiation in the same program ”.

Juan Abarca, CEO of Promede, explained during the closing ceremony that “expert reports are becoming a key tool in the resolution of some conflicts -whether as a consequence of an accident or the responsibility of a professional-. This master’s degree is key to knowing in a concrete way everything that the sanitary expertise and provides the student with all the knowledge to be able to evaluate the damage, demonstrate that there is a causal link and, in addition, be able to carry out an assessment to see if the performance of the professional is in accordance with medical criteria, taking into account the norms contained in the current protocols ”.

Specialists in Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatry, Psychology or Nursing can be key pieces in the trial. In this sense, Ricardo de Lorenzo, President of the Spanish Association of Health Law, assures that “this postgraduate course has a specialized section in law and jurisdiction that provides students with a comprehensive vision of what the expert should do when they have to substantiate a case before a judge.”

For his part, the president of the Spanish Society for the Assessment of Bodily Injury, Eugenio Laborda, considers that “the assessment of bodily harm requires trained professionals and the development of tools that allow them to carry out their work in the best conditions. Without a doubt, this master’s degree covers all expectations in these three fields of study ”.

The event was attended by Cesar Borobia, Doctor of Medicine, former director of the Master’s Degree in Bodily Injury Assessment (UCM), former coordinator of the Professional Master’s Degree in Sanitary Expertise (UCM) and sponsor of this third edition, who delivered a master class with a historical summary of the assessment and repair of the bodily harm.

During the day, the Prize for the Best Final Master’s Project was awarded to the dentist Alejandra Lapique for her work entitled “Informed consent in endodontics”. This closing ceremony gives way to the fourth edition in which 18 students are enrolled this year.

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