GPS signal around Moscow is disrupted, Russian pilots complain. Navigation doesn’t work

According to the GPSJam service, which monitors problems with GPS signals on aircraft, about half of the Moscow region has been in the so-called red zone since May, RBC reports. This means that after 24 hours, at least ten percent of aircraft flying over the area will report GPS problems.

Since May, when Moscow faced its first drone attack, taxi services such as Sitidrajv and Jandex have also reported service outages due to GPS issues, RBC reports.

“If the plane is at an altitude of at least 500 meters, then, of course, navigation stops and you don’t know where to fly. Sometimes you can maneuver and go to lower altitudes, as they say, fly “higher than the trees.” But this is also unsafe,” Sergei Minigulov, chairman of the General Aviation Federation of the Russian Federation, told the agency. According to him, they are now working on a solution that allows, for example, mobile signal transmitters to be used for orientation.

Due to frequent drone attacks in the Moscow region, cases have become more frequent when people mistake small planes for Ukrainian drones and try to warn the authorities about this. The police then investigate the alarm, contact the sports airport and ask what cars are in the air at the moment.

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