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Google maps It is one of those applications that users use almost daily, because when you do not know how to get to a certain place, whether by walking, by bus, private vehicle or motorcycle, you resort to the aforementioned platform that provides you with route map services. Like most applications that are downloaded through the Google Play Store, the map service also has its beta program and we will show you how to obtain it below.

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What is a beta program? These are experimental versions, which means that beta tester users will be able to access and test the latest tools that an application has been developing, even before these functions in process are officially launched for everyone. In addition, the beta are very useful for an app to approve or disapprove the new options based on the experience and qualification of the netizens.

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Latest features from Google maps Available in the beta are the following: the tool to avoid crowds and contagion by COVID-19, it means that the platform will notify you when a place, store or shopping center is very crowded; and the function to move through illuminated places at night, so you would avoid being the victim of an assault.


  • First, from your Android device, click on the following link to open Google maps in the Google Play Store.
  • In the ‘News’ section, tap on ‘Read more’.
  • Now, click on the link that appears right next to the phrase ‘Become a beta tester’.
  • A web page will automatically open in the browser. Here click on the button that says ‘Become a verifier’.
  • Done, that would be it. Google Maps will welcome you to the testing program of its application.

How to know with Google Maps if a place is busy

  • Make sure the application has no pending updates in the Play Store.
  • Then open the map and scroll to where you want to go.
  • If you see the icon of a yellow circle and the image of a statistics inside, it means that the place is very crowded.
  • In addition, on the right side of the icon you will see the word ‘Busy area’ (Occupied area in Spanish).
  • Press and hold on this place until the red pin appears.
  • An informational window of the site will open, scroll the space bar down and go to the ‘Popular times’ section.
  • Here Google maps It will show you a red statistic icon with the following warning: ‘As busy’.

Do you have problems with Google maps? If the app crashes on your phone or tablet, or has another problem that affects your experience, follow this series of steps by clicking hereto access Google help support.

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