Google Maps is updated with surprises for electric cars

It is not news that Google always found at cutting edge technology and adapts to new times and to the tastes or needs of consumers. He also does it with his map app.

Now Google Maps has officially announced its last update and its improvements are aimed at users of electric vehicles.

Filter for electric

“Find the best charging station for your electric vehicle”, announces the tech giant. The novelty is that, unlike before, now you can search for points of fast charge.

“You will see stations with chargers 50 kW or more so that the user can load faster. You can also filter by stations that offer the plug type of your electric vehicle (EV). Both functions are already available for Android and iOS in countries where there are charging stations for this type of vehicle”, they detail from Google, although it is not yet reported when It will be available in Spain.

The new functionality of Google allows to choose the type of load.

How to activate it?

They are pretty simple steps. The first thing is to log in with an email account. Then search andEV charging stations and select the filter fast charge. And ready.

Live View: augmented reality

another of the updates is related to the virtual reality. In a few days it will be available at Some cities like London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo (both on Android and iOS).

Is about live view. In the cities mentioned, and soon in the rest of the world, a new camera icon will appear in the search bar. This will activate the augmented reality and will allow you to discover in detail (and based on artificial intelligence), sites located around. How? The following video shows it.

“With directions and arrows driven, you can see which way places are and how far away they are, like a coffee shop. And they can even be detect places not in immediate view (like a clothing store around the block) to get a real idea ”, they detail on their website.

Google adds: “The best part? Beyond showing you where the places are, you can see key information about each one of them, like if it is open or not, how busy it is, what is the price range, etc.”

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