Google is preparing a small revolution in its payment application

Google Pay is facing a revolution, and cryptocurrencies could be part of the company’s strategy.

For several months, Google Pay has been going through a somewhat strange transition process. While in countries like Spain we continue to have the old version of Google mobile payment platform, other regions, such as India or the United States, already have the new version of Google Pay, much more complete and with a greater number of functions.

But that could change soon. A new report from Bloomberg claims that Google has hired a former PayPal executive, Arnold Goldberg, with the aim of promoting its new strategy for Google Pay, which would include adopting new features such as offering cryptocurrency-related financial services.

Mobile payments with Google Pay

Google Pay is the most used payment platform by Android users.

Google Pay could add support for cryptocurrencies by integrating Coinbase and BitPay services

According to information shared by a source close to the company’s plans, Google would be studying the possibility of add financial services related to cryptocurrencies, probably using technology from major industry firms such as Coinbase or BitPay.

Likewise, also from Bloomberg they affirm that the company has formed a specific division to study Blockchain and other related technologies.

Some rumors even point to Google could be developing its own cryptocurrency, despite the fact that the company has not commented on the matter. What is clear, considering that Google has put together a team led by some very renowned executives in the industry, is that we can expect news related to these technologies in the coming months.

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