Google has Interview Warmup, the site to practice a job interview

With Google Interview Warmup you can prepare for job interviews
With Google Interview Warmup you can prepare for job interviews

An artificial intelligence created by Google is helping people to practice any job interviews, although at the moment it is only enabled in English, which is why it is much more beneficial for those who have a bilingual profile.

Interview Warmup is the name of the technology that was originally designed for college students. Google Career Certificate, Google’s online learning program. With this tool, users, upon finishing the training and receiving their certificate, practice job interviews. But now, anyone can access this job preparation option.

The user will be able to choose between several areas to which he would like to applythen the artificial intelligence will do the corresponding interview, normally there are 5 random questions but you can also explore each one of them.

In addition, on this site you can practice three types of questions that recruiters normally ask in interviews, on the one hand there are those that correspond to the candidate experience and their training, which inquire about the way to solve problems and finally, those of technical knowledge necessary to perform the job.

Although the ideal is to practice answering the questions orally, they can also be written, because although the system works with artificial intelligence each of the questions were designed by talent acquisition experts.

This artificial intelligence helps to practice for job interviews.  (photo: Antenna 3)
This artificial intelligence helps to practice for job interviews. (photo: Antenna 3)

1. Open the Google Interview Warmup site. This is the link

2. Choose the work area for which you want to practice.

2. Click on the blue button that says “Start”.

3. Listen to the questions and then record the answer.

4. Once the artificial intelligence receives the answers, it will proceed to return to the user a series of observations to improve.

The user has the ability to edit and modify their responses as many times as they deem necessary, and Next to your answers you will see the recommendations that the site makes to implement them in the following question.

However, these recommendations do not seek to qualify people’s answers or directly indicate their faults, but rather shows on the screen the patterns that have been repetitive while the user was responding to the interview. In this way, fillers can be identified, for example, and thus begin to improve behavior for real job interviews.

Similarly, Google Interview Warmup does not save or record the exercise, nor any of the answers, so if the person wants to keep their answers to review them later, they can download them as transcribed text.

The site is currently available for almost all devices and their operating systems, so it can be accessed from Google Chrome on OSX, Windows and Android, and from Safari on iOS.


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