Google Docs or Microsoft Word: advantages, prices and differences

Although the options are more limited, you should know that there is also the option of Microsoft Online free, whose documents are easily edited and shared with OneDrive. If you want to work in the cloud or trust more in Microsoft services, this is the free option that you can access.


When you send a document in Google Docs you don’t have to worry if the recipient can open it as they will directly from the web and you won’t have to change it to any other supported format. Anyone can access it from a mobile device or computer regardless of its operating system, since it is a web service. In addition, you do not even have to have the latest version of the app, since it is automatically updated in the background while you work with the document or view it. On the other hand, you can open all kinds of formats, including Word and PDF.

If you send, share or view a Word document, the format will have to be compatible for you to view it. Therefore, it will have to have one of the formats accepted by the application. For its part, the program is available for Windows and MacOS, in addition to coming pre-installed on Windows Phone devices. Its free and cloud services can be used on Android and iOS devices. Office 365 is available on the Internet for modern browsers, so it is convenient that you have the latest updated version.

Templates and layouts

Talking about designs and templates, and in the case that the documents are long or complex, Microsoft Word will win the battle since it offers many more possibilities. On the online versionWhen you click on a new document, you will find the possibility of making a blank one or some basic templates that you can choose will appear, unless you have Microsoft 365 in which case the possibilities will be expanded.

As soon as you enter it, you will see a blank document, templates or the possibility of search for templates online. Once you enter your search, a large number of possibilities related to it will appear. You have many designs to choose from and just select one to start working with it and edit it to your liking. If you want to create professional documents, it is your best option.

word templates

On Google Docs, when you go to create a new template you will find several possibilities. First of all, the recently used ones. Then several designs characterized according to their type: CV, letters, staff, work, education. Although there are for different areas of your life and they may be enough for you, there are not as many or as varied as in Word. If you are looking for a much more professional result or adapted to your needs, it may cost you more to find the right option or it does not suit you so much. Of course, you also have templates for spreadsheets, presentations and forms, if you need it.

docs templates

What concerns to boards, Docs is a bit more limited since it allows you to choose the number of rows and columns, but in Word you will find more options, and even quick tables, insert, draw, layouts, layouts and more. In the latter there are also many possibilities of graphics all types. You will find many more options of text editing and document personalization. In Docs there are more limited formats and tools, making it ideal for simpler or faster texts. In all these aspects, you will find many more possibilities if you use Microsoft’s office automation program. At the editing level it is much more complete.

graphics tables edition


Both platforms are compatible with the common word processing formats. Also, you can download Google Docs with extensions like WORD (.docx), ODT, HTML, EPUB, TXT, RTF and PDF. Microsoft Word online allows you to export your documents as DOCX, PDF or ODT files. In the latter, in the desktop version, you can save your document as .docx, in previous versions, Word, PDF, XPS templates, such as web, RTF, plain, XML and ODT.

save word formats

If you want to open a google docs file In the Microsoft program you will have to convert it, although you can download it directly into a compatible format. If you want to see a Word file in Docs, it will be as simple as sending it to the app (you can drag or upload it). The advantage of this is that if you want to start a document in the Microsoft editor for all the possibilities it provides and then share it with it, you can do it easily, and vice versa by downloading the document in a compatible format.

Share documents

Although both services provide you collaboration in real time and asynchronously, Google Docs is much better, both because it is easier to share documents and control different levels of access for several people and edit the information. Although we can qualify it according to your preferences.

Word It has editing and annotation tools with which you can share and edit between teams, although it is not as intuitive as in the Google service and it may be difficult to find the option. The latest versions of Office 365 allow editing and sharing from the Internet from the application itself. Once you hit to share, you will see the option to upload the document or attach a copy of the document in Word or PDF instead. You give the document a name and it will indicate that it is loading. When it does, you can indicate with who you want to share it and a message. You can also change the option that anyone who has the link can see it for specific people, and even remove the option to allow editing, set a password or expiration date. If you enter Word online, you will find the same possibilities (in the upper right part of the page, where it says share). You can also add comments.

share with word 365 documents

On Google Docs, sharing is as simple as going to file, share and create a link. The other person will receive an access email and can open it from wherever they want. You will be able to send individual emails and manage who can edit, view the document and comment on it. If you give to get link instead of sharing you can reach more people if you want easily. You can share with specific people and get a link so that it reaches many more people (this can be restricted so that only the people added can open it or change it to anyone with the link). On the other hand, it is very easy to see what files you have shared, have shared with you and browse them by accessing the service.

share docs

The edition It is very simple, you just have to enter the document and work with it, other people will be able to do the same in real time and you will see the changes at the moment. You can also add comments and many more functions and possibilities. This is so with both services. In addition, as you may have already appreciated, if you have Word and upload the file you want to Docs once prepared, you will be able to edit it together with other people easily and thus you will take advantage of the possibilities of both platforms (although you already know that you can share from the tool itself. Office with OneDrive).

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