Goodbye to paying 4.49 euros forever? HBO Max will be replaced by a new service

HBO Max and Discovery Plus are going to merge to give life to a new video on demand service

Goodbye to paying 4.49 euros forever?  HBO Max will be replaced by a new service

We have been hearing rumors for a long time, and now, at last, it has come true: HBO Max is merging with Discovery+ to give life to a new video on demand servicewhich will be available from the summer of next year 2023.

How have they progressed since Varietythe CEO of Discovery himself has confirmed, through a call to investors, the birth of a new service that will be available next year, and that it will come to replace HBO Max and Discovery + with the aim of attracting a greater number of subscribers.

The news raises doubts related to a possible service subscription price increasewhich would mainly affect those people who, in their day, were able to take advantage of the offer to get a subscription to HBO Max for less than 5 euros per month forever.

HBO Max will disappear as we know it in the summer of 2023

HBO Max and Discovery+-cover

HBO Max and Discovery+ will merge into a single platform, how will this affect the price of the former?

The merger between the two services will take place, first, in the United States, before making the leap to the rest of the world’s regions, landing in Europe at the beginning of 2024. At the moment, it has not been confirmed what the new service namenor the price of the subscription.

It has been announced, however, that there will be different plans within the platform, including a paid with adsanother without ads, and another completely free with advertising, although the latter is not yet confirmed.

Over the next few months, we will see how each of the two services will add content from the other platform, before merging into the same online video service. streaming. Thus, Warner Bros aspires to make its platform a much more attractive alternative to Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ for consumers. Thus, the entertainment giant hopes to reach 130 million subscribers globally.

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