Goodbye Jiménez, the Italian who captivated Martino and will take him to Qatar with the Tri

The Italian striker who would replace Jiménez in the Tri
The Italian striker who would replace Jiménez in the Tri

After Raúl Jiménez’s injury, Gerardo Martino He has looked for alternatives for the Mexican forward, being one of the weakest points in the process of the Argentine coach in his process towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

For this reason, a striker of Italian and Mexican nationality appears on his list, who plays in the Dutch league and has scored more goals than Raul Jimenez. Martino’s idea is to have him for the World Cup in Qatar with El Tri.

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This is the former striker of Cruz Azul, Santiago Gimenezwho to the surprise of many agreed to his Italian nationality, due to the ancestry of his Argentine surname, as revealed by his father Christian Gimenez, in an interview for W Sports Radio. With this you will be able to play community roles in the Netherlands.

Will Martino take Giménez to the World Cup?

It is a fact that the young Feyenoord striker, Santiago Gimenez, will be present at the World Cup. In fact, in an interview for FOX Sports, he acknowledged that he spoke with the Tata Martinowho gave him the go-ahead to reach Dutch football.

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