Good news about Shik, he’s joining the process

In June, he underwent surgery on the adductor leg muscle. In July, at the start of summer training, Leverkusen announced that Patrick Schick should return to the pitch in October.

The leadership of the Czech national team met with the striker during Saturday’s Bundesliga match between Mönchengladbach and Leverkusen.

“We have the advantage that many players are in Germany. We visited everyone who works there. We were also lucky that Patrick was free and came to greet us. He looked quite positive because when we saw him a month and a half ago here in Strahov he was very skeptical,” says national team manager Tomasz Peshir.

“It is important to him that they find what was his. He is almost cured and joins the process. We hope he will be here with us soon,” adds Peshir.

The story of Schick’s recovery from injury is endless. Doctors for a long time did not know what exactly was wrong with him.

“We sat with Patya in Mönchengladbach. He said that he was very hopeful that he would start training in three to four weeks. This is positive,” says coach Yaroslav Shilgavy.

Of course, Schick is still missing from the nominations for the September matches against Albania and Hungary. The trainer doesn’t want to guess when he can call the gunner again.

Patrick Schick believes he will be back on the field in four

“That’s all if. The main thing is the health of the players, everything else will depend on it. He will start training with the team, and then we will see how he will be involved in the matches. We would appreciate it if it was available. He is a great player, but I don’t dare to say if he will make it to the next meeting,” Shilgava reflects.

Šik’s teammate Adam Hlošek also begins to bother him. Bayer buy more players, and the Czech youngster played only the last minutes in the first two rounds of the league.

“It’s difficult for him, Leverkusen has improved even more. They played well against Mönchengladbach. We are sorry that Adam is no longer playing, he had a game load in preparation. The team is very strong, even in training Adam is progressing,” says the national team coach.

“We’ll see how the situation develops. It probably won’t work if he only plays 10 minutes a year, he won’t like it. Despite the fact that in the first two rounds he had no playing load, I believe that it will be suitable for us,” Shilgava hopes.

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